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Questions for a current/past GTPer

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by maitress, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. As a current GTP student I can confirm that it is death by paperwork. I was promised (!) that I would work 60+ hours a week and that is probably about right. Like many things it all depends on how much you want to do as you can get by doing a lot less than me.
    I don't know how many get employed by their schools as it will depend on how well you are suited to your school, not everyone likes their placement school, and also on if they have a job, which will have to be advertised and you will have to compete with all other applicants although you will have an advantage.
    As for interview all consortiums are different in their selection processes but you will most likely have to teach a lesson but you should be given information beforehand on class/group size, year group etc so you can pitch your lesson at the right level. They will probably be looking for how you interact with the children mostly and potential. They are not looking for your lesson to meet Ofsted criteria before you have had training!
    As for applying to schools, visit them first. They have to be right for you. They should show you round and you should get to chat with your prospective mentor as you need to be able to get on with them as you will have a very close relationship for a year. That I would recommend as essential.
    The type of school is up to you as you will have a 2nd placement in a contrasting school anyway as part of your training. I have just spent half a term at a contrasting school and loved it. I have learnt so much from working with different people in different circumstances.
    I'm sure other people will have different experiences and other things to add but I hope this helps.

  2. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Thank you so much for answering my post! It's a little daunting at this stage waiting for school visits/interviews and then if I'm lucky enough to get a post the GTP itself.
  3. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Thank you for your replies.
    I will be supernumeracy, so will just have to keep my fingers crossed that a post magically appears!! I think it's that way due to the fact that I'm primary?
    I'm just trying to get all my info and prep ready for the forth coming interviews. I'm visiting a school next week and hopefully a few more and the end of the week once I've arranged them (half term is very inconvienent lol) So just keeping everthing crossed!!
    Thanks again, good luck with your assignment Sam
    Nat x
  4. A tip for interview.
    Don't get supernumary and supernumeracy mixed up or you won't get a place! [​IMG]
    Best of luck
  5. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    LOL whoops...brain frazzled already!! Already got a place on the course, but we need to have interviews at the partnership schools now. eeeeeekkkkkk too scary!!

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