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Questionnaire for Teachers!

Discussion in 'Science' started by AeroAsh, May 6, 2011.

  1. Dear Teachers,

    I am an aerospace engineering student in my final year. One of the modules I am working through relates to setting up an enterprise, on paper. It involves creating a proposal document and being scrutinised by "potential investors" in a Dragon's Den type interview. The service our enterprise provides relates strongly with the people on this forum. I need to get some market research done, and would appreciate it if you could respond to the following questionnaire. Note that any additional response would be greatly appreciated.

    Research is being conducted so as to look at the feasibility of setting up a company to provide a service for educational establishments. The company will provide professionals to give inspirational talks to students about the wonders of science, about the big ideas, and how they will play a key role in providing solutions to some of the tremendous challenges we face this century. The intention is to also help students realise that science is not just some subject they study in school and leave behind after their final exam, but that it is a way of critically, sceptically, and rationally engaging the world around them. It is felt that in the current syllabus, that concentrates too quickly on the technicalities, it is difficult for teachers to find the time to provide these insights. Other than helping develop enthusiasm and thus excellence in students, it is felt that such a service would help enhance the reputation of an educational establishment.

    1.) Would you be interested in such speakers at your school?
    2.) If so, are there subjects other than science you would want explored?
    3.) How much do you think your establishment would be willing to pay for a speaker that is a Professor/Doctor from a university (hourly)?
    4.) How much do you think your establishment would be willing to pay for a professional within their industry (hourly)?
    5.) The speaker may want to promote their products, such as software or books suitable for the students. Would your establishment be willing to help inform parents?

    Thank you!
  2. We tap into speakers to do this on a free basis. They tend to be parents or friends of staff. I don't know that you would get any schools to pay for this as the target auidence is going to be relatively small groups of interested pupils.
  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Usually you can get talks like these from professional organisations who do outreach work to encourage students to consider their professions. As was said above I doubt you would get mant schools wanting to pay for something they could get for free.
  4. Also ours would never pay - lots of people willing to speak for free!
  5. pay someone to come into school and flog their products to our students? don't be silly. The deal is, they come in for FREE, and get the chance to flog their products.
  6. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    As above, plenty for free why pay?
    It seems that increasingly academics are having ideas above their station in their own value as speakers. The nearest Uni to us has a "Science Week" with lectures and stuff laid on in the uni buildings. Getting kids there for an hour or so is problematic and so uptake isn't what they would hope. So it was suggested that they could come to us instead - except they want paying per hour and also the same rate per hour for their travelling time, and travel costs as well, uptake is still not good.
    Of course most of them want to do their own thing and not bother with talking to irritating kids, they don't seem to grasp the idea of "outreach" unfortunately. The private sector seem to be far better in grasping the realities from perspectives other than their own.
    As for "helping" them sell their stuff, it depends what they do for the school - that pesky reality thing again.

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