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Question of presenting ebook for Edexcel Unit 1 Applied ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by msa969, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. msa969

    msa969 New commenter

    I am teaching Edexcel Unit 1 Applied ICT, the students have started creating the eBook, one student has asked if it is ok if he presented the eBook on a website. I taught this unit before and I have got the students to create the eBook in Dreamweaver and I have submitted the html pages to the external examiner. Will the external examiner mark the eBook if it is online?
  2. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    You have to submit it to the moderator on a disk, so no. Also, although it is coursework and not controlled assessment, it is "less likely" that you can authenticate its production. Dreamweaver isn't great for this task but as long as the textual and multimedia content is good, and the format and layout is appropriate, you'll be all right .
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  3. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    Will need to download the website to put on CD. But not sure why they want to do this - is it their work?
  4. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    I used Weebly for some GCSE ICT controlled assessment websites when the course first started. I had 40 free student account that I could reset the login password for. Some elements did not export properly when saving them out for the moderator. I did a screenshot and authenticated on the forms for the missing bits. As well as been a pain to do, the moderator was very critical of the approach, so I reverted to Dreamweaver.
  5. msa969

    msa969 New commenter

    thank you everyone.
    wanet> But not sure why they want to do this - is it their work?
    Only one student has asked.

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