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Question For Those of You on Reserve Lists 'Plan B'

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by PollyannaB, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. As the title says really; it's a question for those of you on reserve lists. Do you have a 'plan B'? Are you applying for teaching assistant roles or similar?

    I currently work in a school in admin role. I've seen several teaching assistant posts come up in the the last week but I'm currently undecided whether to apply. I don't want to commit career suicide (assuming I get the role then have to leave with short notice) when I may not have even started! On the one hand I may want to apply for a job there in the future but on the other hand I'd rather be spending a year as a teaching assistant should the reserve place not work out.

    Crystal ball anyone?
  2. I'm not sure either why my posts are appearing in one big chunk of text; as this was split into paragraphs. I tried editing but it made no difference :(.
  3. Speak to your head/SENCo/etc?
    I, by some miracle (I honestly thought I'd totally stuffed the interview) got my place but nearly had to bow out due to the financial issues (buh-bye bursary!)- by then, I'd missed the GTP deadline too.
    Thankfully, my father has performed small miracles and between us, I'll scrape through. But in that time of uncertainty, I'd spoken to the HoD, my line manager, and 3 deputy heads and had a plan: I'd stay on another year, develop my skills further- some specialist TAing, some cover, some instruction, develop some extra curriculars further, etc- and do TEFL training. I'd then travel for a year or 2 until either a bursary popped up again or I had enough money to fund myself.
    I don't really do plans by halves!
    Issue now is, in that week (I plan fast, too!), I'd fallen in love with my plan B. Not enough to give up on my PGCE but enough that in a few years, I'll think about how to do plan B! :p
  4. I work in a large secondary school, they have no immediate plans to take on any teaching assistants whatsoever. They're quite happy for me to keep volunteering but I'd rather not being doing the paid employment that isn't relevant at all. Plus my jobs is only ten hours but spread over the whole of the week. With travelling back and forward it takes me double my work time ; so I ideally want something less spread out for the hours if my PGCE place doesn't come into fruition.

    Good luck with your plans. It's difficult to know what to do for best while waiting to see what happens.
  5. Hi, thanks for replying.

    I had thought about applying for jobs at other schools that I've seen advertised recently for teaching support and similar but I've decided against it for the time being. I felt it was unfair to leave at what could be very short notice and leave a department short staffed right at the beginning of the academic year (assuming I'd get the role of course!).

    Also, I've spoken to the course leader for the PGCE last week; she said that I although there had been no movement on the reserve list, that I was top of the reserve list and that in previous years someone has always dropped out. I know that doesn't give me a guarantee of getting a place but I am going to hold on to the chance that I may!

    Should my reserve place not become real though I will definitely look for a learning support type role if one comes up. Are you still going to stay on the waiting list for your PGCE?
  6. Always hold on to that chance! And if not (though fingers crossed for you!) then there are always jobs for support throughout the year and it really does help.
    I got lucky and got on mine, though nearly had to bow out over finances.
    Did you only apply for the one uni? Apparently, I'm odd- most people apply to one near home or attached to their undergraduate uni- I applied to four in various different places, all of which would require moving out of the area.
  7. Hi Alliandra;

    Thanks for the reply; hearing that you got onto your PGCE last year on a reserve place, it gives me hope!

    I applied using all four places on my GTTR form but although it still stated that there were vacancies by the time it reached my first choice it was full (Warwick.) My second choice (Bishop Grotesseste) was then also full. My form then went to my third choice (Chiltern Training Group) who invited me for an interview; but I was rejected. Though
    I'm glad as it wasn't the place for me. And my final choice (Sheffield Hallam) was full by the time
    Chiltern had rejected me.

    So; Newman was added as an extra choice! I applied quite late in the application cycle; I only applied in February, hence a lot of the courses being full. I applied everywhere that did R.E within a seventy mile radius. Although would travel daily wherever I get on as I have a family and we're happy where we live.

    Thanks for luck; I'm definitely thinking positively.

    I'll worry about next years employment/further experierence if I don't get on the PGCE.

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