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question for nursery teachers

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by May2, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    I wasn't sure whether your child is in day nursery or a school based Nursery Class but I find Susie's comment 'Unfortunately they will probably be unable to 'teach' her any further.' rather odd.If your husband has already mentioned her ability I would expect the teacher to be doing further observations and assessments like she should be with all the children to give her a clearer idea of where the children are. She should then be moving the children on from their individual starting points. There should be differentiation in her planning to cover individuals needs, a lot can be covered in differentiated questioning at this stage. If writing skills are already there then she can build on her phonic knowledge to spell words and begin to caption pictures etc.
    There is no reason why a bright child cannot be challenged in any nursery. We all follow development matters.
    Of course the social aspects of nursery are very important and the fact that she is happy, gets on with her peers are vital as a pre-requisite to developing her learning. Hopefully her nursery offers a very broad range of activities that she can get involved in and she may gain new interests as well.
    She sounds like a child who will teach herself, so if you have resources available for her to choose when she wants to, such as pens, sticking, scissors, colouring etc, and enjoy reading stories together she will continue to be a great joy to you as she learns new things all the time.
  2. As a nursery teacher, I am spending this half term holiday putting together everything I now know about my class. Next term I will be planning activities that build on this. I will be sharing what I know with parents at Parents evening and will welcome their viewpoint too.I think you should feel confident that your teacher knows what your child can do and that she will be nurtured and challenged; so speak to her.I do think, however, that it's reasonable that for this first half term, the class should have been focussing on settling in and the teacher on getting to know the children.
  3. And this matters because....?

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