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Question about Whole class assessment record

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by life2teach, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    I'm a NQT about to start work in reception and have a question about whole class assessment/record keeping. My apologies if this is a silly question. I have an idea but would like clarification.

    sort of assessment records do I need?
    (observations and reading record excluded)
    For example I will be updating the students eyfs profile books; I have a
    letter and numeral recognition assessment and I also have a maths
    Also I think I should have a list/spreadsheet with <u>all</u> the children's
    names on it and the eyfs statements showing if the child has achieved
    it? E.g. statements from CLL and have it highlighted orange/green to show ahcievement? I'm thinking kind of APP for eyfs (but using the relevant efys statements).

    Any advice is appreciated (hoping you can make sense of my question).
  2. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    Tracking sheets.

    I've found sheets with the eyfs statements. There is 1 for each
    area (fair enough) but only space for 15 names so I will need 2 for each
    which makes 12 bits of paper!! ve tried to edit it but its spiling the
    layout. Does anyone have a link to something similar.
    What do other people use to track the progress of their class?
  3. We use Target Tracker - does all we need and more

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