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Question about tutoring in your own home

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Typhoon, May 30, 2011.

  1. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Just to offer an alternative perspective, I do tutor from my own home and am usually, although not always, the only adult in the house while I'm tutoring. I've always made clear to the parents that they are welcome to stay during sessions if they want to, and in the case of the younger ones during the first few sessions I actually encourage it. However, none of the parents have ever taken me up on the offer. They seem happy to drop the children off and pick them up an hour later (or in some cases have various relatives drop off and collect because parents have work commitments etc.) I also have a few older children (teens) who travel by themselves to and from lessons so have only ever briefly met a parent during the initial session (though keep in regular contact through e-mail and text).
    I think I would be hard-pressed to persuade some of my tutees' parents to stay for the entire session, as I do some 90 min sessions with the older ones, and a whole 2 and half hours at a time with one home-schooled lad, who comes on his own during the school day when his parents are at work.
    I have too worried from time to time that I am potentially leaving myself in a vulnerable position and wonfered how I could protect myself from possible allegations. However, the answer in short seems to be that it is very difficult to ensure this, but you can go some way towards minimising the potential for such allegations by meeting and 'sussing out' both pupil and parents before making a commitment to proceed with the tuition.
    I think that I am lucky to have a nice group of fairly 'sensible' parents and children to work with (although they sometimes drive me round the bend when it comes to arranging sessions!) and I have formed good and trusting relationships with my pupils and their parents alike. In fact, thus far, none of the parents I've met have ever even asked to see my CRB check (which I do have, as I also work in schools on a supply basis.)
    To summarise, there are risks in putting yourself in the position where you tutor (alone) from your own home, and I don't think you can completely eliminate all of these, but I do think that they can be minimised by making an informed choice (based on an initial meeting) about whether to proceed with the tuition, and keeping good contact with parents throughout the tuition period, Perhaps I have just been lucky so far, but I think forming a good and trusting relationship with the tutees and their parents goes some way to helping to protect against allegations etc.

  2. Thank you very much for your replies. [​IMG] On balance, I still would like to tutor in my own home, as I think it would be easier (resources close to hand, no petrol expenses etc). Plus I am very allergic to cats and dogs, and most people seem to have one or the other in their home!
    I have been thinking about tutoring for the best part of a year now - maybe it's time to stop thinking and start doing.
  3. Hi, I am a counsellor as well as a tutor and work from home. I have taken out public indemnity insurance which gives a little peace of mind but agree with the other posts that it is rare to have problems. As another post mentions, always give the option to parents to stay, either in the room or nearby, have a contract which you and the parent sign which simply states that they have been given this option to be present and that they can take it up at any time, that they have inspected your CRB and credentials and can take up references if they want to. You could always work through an agency like www.homeschooltutoring.co.uk as that gives you an extra layer of contact and an area manager who you can speak to about any concerns you have with clients or arrangements. All the best, go for it!

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