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Question about performance stats for KS SATs

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by heartfelt, May 12, 2018.

  1. heartfelt

    heartfelt New commenter

    Hi, I've been retired, out of teaching and supply teaching a while, but this question has come up and I wondered if someone could answer. It is about pupil sickness absences at the time of KS2 SATS. Does the government still calculate a school's % rate of achieving the acceptable levels for performance data? If so is a pupil absent through sickness just an unauthorised absence, or included in the % result of the school. That is, say there are 20 in a school, 15 reach the acquired level, but one was absent through illness. Is the resulting statistic 15/20 = 75%, or 15/19 = 79%? It might have been this way, and changed, or maybe it might have been this way and remaining the same.

    Discussion elsewhere cropped up about schools asking parents to bring pupils in, even if ill, and what reasons might lie behind this.

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