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Question about Parking at Brent Cross Centre

Discussion in 'Personal' started by florapost, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. check the website for multi-storey openeing times - but there are open car parks i guess you could park in any time - no idea what happens when they see a car at 7am, which obvs isn't a shopper
    it's a pain to get from the shopping centre to the tube - look at a map. i would suggest you consider edgware, which has a commuters' car park (£4 a day?) attached to the tube station - you should have no probs getting a place at that tim. colindale is also a possibility
    pm me if you want to talk alternative ideas
  2. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    Alternatively, park at welham green and park in a back street and catch overland in...about half hour to London...it's near Hatfield.
  3. Carry on a bit in the car and park at Finchley Central - the car park is at the tube station.
  4. London? What is that?
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I parked near St.Albans station for free and took the train in. Easy and just of the M1.
  6. Brent Cross Car park won't be open at that time security guards check all cars entering at the barriers. Also Brent Cross Station is about 10minute walk and hidden away. Edgware is your best bet if you want the Northern line, I often use it if I have a meeting in the centre of town get the bus into work from there and tube back, never had a problem.
    Wembley Pk also has a large car park (Metropolitan and jubilee line) about 10 minute drive from Staples Corner (end of M1) again costs £4 for the day
    Good luck with the appointment
  7. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    To echo what others have said, Brent Cross shopping centre is not at all near the tube station. Not only is it not very close it is really awkward to walk from one place to the other.
    I'd go to Edgware. The train is going to be crowded at that time of day too so you're better off getting on at Edgware.
  8. angel09

    angel09 New commenter

    I've had appts at Charing Cross hospital and in the paperwork it said no parking but on phone I was advise there is very limited parking. However if your appt is one of the earliest one like mine 9am, I was able to park inside the hospital 'limited parking space' by getting there at least half an hour earlier both times.
  9. Thanks to everyone who replied for your helpful suggestions.

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