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Question about P Level assessment from KS2 teacher...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by BLRPH05, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. You need to use P-scales as an assessment tool just as you would use APP or any other level descriptor.
    I'm assuming this child is on the SEND register? What are you doing for them that is different from the provision available for the other children in you class?
    I've got to ask you whether you think it is appropriate given that this child is working at P7 (and therefore counting reliably to at least 5 and counting by rote up to 10, which is in my opinion nursery/early reception level ) to be doing such activities as you describe or whether actually it would be better use of their learning time to be working on their next steps in their learning rather than working alongside others who are working at a higher level. For example when talking about the weight of objects it maybe would be more realistic to expect him to say which is heavier/lighter out of two objects and work out how to record this, which would be working towards 1c.
    From what you are saying
    '' I could just say L1 because there's evidence in his Maths book, but
    this isn't going to help him if he's moved on before he's got basics -
    like number formation. He doesn't reliably form any numbers, even 1-5,
    even when he's copying them down, which makes me very unsure..''
    I would say that you are not happy giving level 1 and in which case I would say that the child hasn't acheived it. Remember you know the child best, would you award level 2 to a child who can only acheive level 2 standard work when working with an adult?
  2. Wow, thanks VERY much for such a detailed and helpful reply.
    You're right, I wasn't happy to give him 1c and I've just submitted the form and I didn't do it. Not looking forward to my 'accountability meeting', though!
    I do have an IEP for him and try to incorporate it every day. I know it's lame to make excuses but I'm struggling without a TA (the LSA is for another child, who has a Statement and complex needs although she tries to help with this particular boy), nor is it right that he works in a group with other chn who are L1s. I can never decide what to do for the best - I have a child with SEBD, two with EAL and one with this awful homelife who currently comes into school and just weeps! Then I think: who's stretching the really high-achievers? Who's pushing the core group onwards? I FREELY admit I'm not doing the best job of giving every child what they need, also that a TA wouldn't magically solve that! [​IMG]
    Anyway, thanks again. Your reply was very helpful indeed and I'm glad I didn't inflate his level because I know it's wrong xx

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