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Question about finishing NQT

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by londonteacher18, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. londonteacher18

    londonteacher18 New commenter

    Good morning all,

    Perhaps you could help please!

    I am currently an NQT and the deadline to hand in my resignation if I want to quit at Easter is Wednesday... The school is not right for me at all and having got "outstanding" on PGCE I am at risk of failing my NQT here.

    I had a job interview Friday and its a maybe (waiting for a call) and I have an interview Tuesday and Friday for other local schools.

    My ideal plan would be to quit my current school at Easter and move to Central/South America until September to work on my Spanish (and I would like a "break" after intense pgce/nqt and in September finish my NQT in a new school. If they prefer I start in April then I could do that too.

    My question is - Do you think a new school would be able to / allow me to start their school in September and do a term as an NQT to finish my NQT? I guess that means extra work for them but not sure how easy it is. I'm a bit reluctant to ask at interview stage so don't want to put them off (but I guess I will have to!)

    So I want to quit my school on Wed but I could quit and then not get any of the jobs... so quitting without having a job lined up is a bit risky. On the other hand I really dnt want to stay in this school for another 18 weeks and risk failing nqt,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    NQTs complete induction in different schools from the one they started in all the time.
    Induction periods are banked so each term of induction is recorded through the appropriate body on the NCTL database. You can check your record online via the teacher self service from the .gov website.
    The majority of NQT recruitment for September is made in late spring and summer term-so if you are not in the country over this period you may find problems securing a post for a September start and you may need to do temporary daily supply until a longer term post crops up( the minimum period is one academic term for induction assessment).
    You need to consider whether it would be best to leave before the end of term in Easter which would preserve 2 terms of your induction to complete rather than just the one particularly id second assessment is not meeting standards. Do seek your Union's advice on this.

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