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Question about expressing

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by saz19, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    I'm going for my first night out on sat for a friends birthday so OH is doing the feeds during the night and the next morning. I have expressed milk for him to use. What im worried about is do i need to express each time he feeds LO so as not to affect my milk supply? I know I will need to throw this milk away if I have been drinking.

    Thanks for any advice! X
  2. You won't need to dump your milk unless you've been drinking particularly heavily :) the amount of alcohol that transfers to milk is minuscule - the kellymom website has more info on it. How old is your LO? It probably depends how established your supply is whether you need to express - it may be more for your comfort than anything else, though you may find she feeds more for a couple of days after to give your supply a boost
  3. Thanks for the reply. He's ten weeks old. Think I was worrying because I had real trouble with my supply at first but it is a lot better now. Don't think I'll be drinking too much, not sure I could handle it anymore!! Thanks for the pointer of the website, I'll have a look.x
  4. At 10 weeks I think I probably would try and pump at the rough times babe would feed, but that's purely a personal thing as it's still early days. Hope you manage to work something out and have a great night!
  5. You'll probably find that you need to express for comfort, but at ten weeks your supply is established so one night off will not have a negative effect. Be aware baby may struggle to latch on the following day if you don't express ad you will be really full so LO will, in effect, bounce off! Babies undergo a growth spurt at around 12 weeks (one of the leading reasons why women stop bf at three months is because they feel like they're starting all over again - in reality it only lasts 3-4 days!) so baby will be feeding more anyway in a few days to increase your supply further. I would say, don't worry about effects on your supply, just be prepared in case you become particularly uncomfortable.
  6. Thank you for all the advice :) getting nervous about going out now! I know it's ridiculous though because OH is perfectly capable!!

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