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Quest Myths year 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by yogagirl, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. yogagirl

    yogagirl New commenter

    Does anyone have a good idea for a quest myth example for the children for year 3? The framework suggests a quest where a hero has to find something, but I can't think of any or know any myths suitable like that. None are suggested in the new framework. What did other people use?

  2. yogagirl

    yogagirl New commenter

    Does anyone have a good idea for a quest myth example for the children for year 3? The framework suggests a quest where a hero has to find something, but I can't think of any or know any myths suitable like that. None are suggested in the new framework. What did other people use?

  3. Im sat spending half term planning the same unit! Im finding it difficult as well, there doesnt seem anything decent online at all to help with a quest myth. i will be v interested to know what other people have used too!
  4. I ended up using The Labours of Hercules, well SOME of the labours involved a quest!
  5. Have just taught this unit and used the following myths:

    The story of Perseus - also known as 'bring me the head of Medusa'.

    The king tells Perseus to bring back the head of Medusa or he will marry Perseus' mother. Perseus goes to a wise man, wise man gives him a shield and some winged boots and tells him to go to the witches to get other things he needs, he goes to the witches and gets a sword and bag and heads off to fight medusa, he reflects her gaze using the shiny shield and chops her head off.

    The story of Apollo follows a similar pattern - here it is:

    I also used a chinese myth from the Scholastic Year 3 framework literacy lessons book which follows a similar formula, complete with winged boots.

    By the way, we completely ignored the ICT suggestion of them all making an interactive map with 'hot spots' but instead in groups they made maps using plasticine and small world play stuff - they LOVED this.

    Good luck
  6. BIG thank you Blagartist, I've just logged on in desperation
    as I'm struggling with planning this unit too and you've answered my
    question straight away!
    If anyone else out there has any more
    good ideas for this unit, particularly linked with Ancient Greece, I'd
    be extremely grateful. I have a mixed Yr 3/4 and a huge range of
    abilities - I've got no idea how I'm going to be able to get them to
    write a myth in just a few weeks, particularly as I'm part-time too.
    seems like an impossible quest in itself!

  7. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Jason and the Fleece?

    If you only need a quest bits of Lord of the Rings would definitely fit the bill?

  8. This site may be helpful for Jason and the Argonauts.


    If you look on literacy section of www.sheffield.gov.uk site, in the planning for new framework bit, the y3 resources bit has a few links which are good. Sorry cannot be more helpful with a link but cannot find it in my history- time for a new laptop! Hope that makes sense and is useful anyway!
  9. I used Jason and golden fleece with Y4/5 last year. It was great comparing film and story version as they loved the old film. Perseus is a good one too as you can use the winged sandals site.

  10. By the way, the 'orchard book of first greek myths" or something like that is the resource I used. Lots of short but good versions of the myths with good pictures. It's definitely by Orchard and the more simpler one is the better one for Y3 I found.
  11. I've just started teaching this unit using the Romans. We looked at the founding of Rome through the story of Romulus and Remus, twin brothers whose quest included putting their grandfather back on the throne and Romulus building Rome. The story can be found on the KS2 bbc schools history website. Also try clickteaching.com. GOOD LUCK :)
  12. I am using Marcia Williams Myth books as they are cartoon style so appeal to chn. She has one called Greek Myths and another one as well see Amazon.
  13. Hi !
    I'm really struggling with topic too, espcially as I wanting to link this with the Ancient Egyptians. Does anyone know of any Egyptian Quest myths?

    Any suggestions welcome!
  14. forestje

    forestje New commenter

    How about the myth of Osiris and Isis?
  15. I'm covering this unit with Y3 at the moment and have linked it to our History topic on Vikings, but have also read other myths eg. Greek myths, even George & the dragon for St. George's day and have got lots of resources including mythical beasts, objects, heroes, quest myth maps, homework sheets, etc. If anyone needs any of the above emailing I'd be happy to help out:
    Also doing our class assembly on myths & legends so have a assembly script too if anyone's interested!
  16. Just taught this to year 3 who loved it! We used Greek myths (gave up on comprehensible Egyptian ones!) and used e2bn myths and legends for the children to write their story. Happy to e-mail you some stuff if you want - have plans and some resources.


  17. I'm currently focusing on myths with my mixed Year 3/4 class - we are studying Ancient Egyptians at the moment so I want to focus on Egyptian myths. My class have studied a variety of myths (ones focusing on why and how - how the world was made etc. and some on quest myths). I want to focus on quest myths as I feel this will be easier for the children when they eventually plan and write their own stories. I have found a few Egyptian myths - The Adventures of Sinuhe and The Story of Isis and Osiris but I'm unsure if they are actually quest myths. Also, does anyone know how I can make the link between 'original myths' and quest myths with the children? Are they myths simply because they answer questions about a certain person or part of history rather than a specific phenomenon? Having focused on a variety of myths, I'm also a little stuck for ideas on where to move next. Has anyone taught any lessons using Egyptian myths before? I would love some ideas on how to move the children onto writing.

  18. Hi I am also doing Egyptian myths but I am finding it difficult knowing how to link the text structure to Egyptian myths as I am unsure whether they are quest myths. If you have taught this already I was wondering if you could send me any good resources catherine1985@live.co.uk. Thanks
  19. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Guys, if you are finding it this hard, ask yourselves, is it worth it? Come on, how many adults can talk about Quest Myths, Greek/Roman/Egyptian/whatever?

    We are talking about YEAR 3. They don't even know what year it is, you are lucky if they know what topic they are doing, the idea of a myth is pretty tricky, never mind a QUEST myth!
    Perhaps a leetle more work on WHAT IS A SENTENCE? might be more valuable?
  20. Could not agree more Lardylegs. I would much rather spend that unit time working on sentence, word level work and spelling to build a solid foundation for their writing for the rest of KS2 than wasting my time searching for quest myths. But we can't, so, sigh...we tied ours in with our topic on Africa and used "How Anansi brought stories to the world"


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