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Query re pay for extra hours to be worked

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by disneyfan, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. disneyfan

    disneyfan New commenter

    I'm curently employed on a 0.2 contract but have been offered an additional days work every week for the next academic year, which I have agreed to do.
    However, when speaking to my school today, they are unsure whether they will amend my contract to 0.4 on a temporary basis, saying they may pay me an overtime/supply rate instead (I had assumed I would be on a 0.4 contract).I will be providing PPA/ NQT time cover for the extra day, rather than being in a fixed class.
    Should my contract be amended or can school pay me overtime for an entire year (meaning I get no pay for the extra day through the school hols)? Should plans be left for me to follow if I am being paid on a supply rate or do I still have to plan for the PPA lessons?
    Thanks for any advice/ thoughts you can give me.
  2. Hi,

    I've just done the same as you. i stayed on the same contract and got paid for the additional hours. The additional days are paid at a higher rate than if you were on the contract but obviously you won't be paid for holidays. In my last pay, which was three weeks of supply and then a weeks holiday, i was paid just short of what i would have if i was on a full time contract and paid for the four weeks. i planned all my own classes and 'bent over backwards' to do anything i could to be flexible. I am now starting September on a full time contract!!

    Good luck in whatever you decide!
  3. disneyfan

    disneyfan New commenter

    That's useful to know, thank you. I will have to find out what the overtime rate is:)
    Good luck for September.
  4. If you are being asked to work 0.4 fte for the whole of or even part of next year, then you should ask for a temporary contract. This will be in addition to your 0.2 permanent contract.
    The problem with being paid overtime is that you may be paid 1/365 for every day you work as overtime rather than 1/195 which means that you could come out with much less than you are entitled to on your pay scale. If you work the full year, you will be entitled to an extra 39 days pay (including INSET days) and 39/195 of your salary is worth a lot more than 39/365 of your salary.
    You should check with your school that you will be paid the equivalent of a full-time 0.4 contract
  5. disneyfan

    disneyfan New commenter

    Wow, I have just done some quick maths and that is a big difference!! Thank you very much for advising me regarding this. I will definitely go back to school and try to get the 0.4 contract. If not, at least I know to ask them to be much more specific regarding how overtime will calculated.
    Thanks again.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    They should pay you the full supply daily rate for the extra day. That is worked out as the annual pay for a full-timer on your pay point divided by 195 (the number of school days in the year). That way, 25% of the day's pay is advance, pro-rata holiday pay.
    The downsides to the daily rate pay schedule, rather than getting an increased contract, are that if you are off sick you won't get sick pay for the extra day and they probably won't give you your own PPA time for the extra work. You would have to plan and assess though.
    I'd continue to put gentle pressure on for a temporarily increased contract as it gives you more security. Make sure that it is stipulated that the extra work is until 31st August 2012 though or you could end up with the extra part of the contract being fixed at 22nd July and miss out on the long holiday pay element.

  7. disneyfan

    disneyfan New commenter

    Thank you for your help Jubilee.

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