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Query about results

Discussion in 'History' started by ellerickards, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. BBC bitesize is excellent for the content required for P1 - the international relations paper. John D Clare's website is also very good and includes some stuff on technique. I teach this course and will have some PPTs which focus on answering specific types of q. They are generic q's used by OCR so apply to all the topics she will study. If you want them just send me a message.
  2. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    I've tutored students who need a bit of help with exam technique and I've found the examiners' reports on each exam series to be really useful in seeing exactly what they're looking for. The OCR report is already up from the June 2011 exams - if you go to http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/type/gcse/hss/history_b/documents/index.html and scroll down to reports you'll find it.
    I was an examiner for Edexcel this year and I found that even the best candidates - even those who had clearly revised thoroughly and knew their stuff - missed out by not quite answering the question. The mark schemes are quite rigid and expect candidates to apply their knowledge in a really focused way. Also on the link above you'll find past papers with the relevant mark schemes. I'd recommend your sister practises these in timed conditions and then self-assesses her answers.
    Best of luck - where there's a will there's a way!
  3. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    Thank you, this is helpful.

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