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query about pay!!

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by kbradley186, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hi i started my first post in after summer half term 2010 (so june) as an NQT they only contracted me until august 2011 (some kind of policy they have for NQTs) but i do know they are keeping me on next year. I began on M1 in the june even though they wouldn't let me start my NQT year until september. I was wondering if i still fall under the 26 week pay rise to M2 as i was contacted throughout the summer as well?! and if so will i get back pay for the months i was still on M1 when i should have been on M2?

    any advice would be great. I don't know if i would pursue back payment but it would be nice to know where i stand.

  2. The 26 weeks are counted within an academic year (because payrises due to moving up the scale only happen in September) - so you won't have made it to 26 weeks between June and August 2010... As I understand it, you correctly remained on M1 for the current academic year, and presumably will move up automatically to M2 next September.

    By the way, if you didn't work for the entire year this year, you just need to check that you have been employed by the (a) school/LA - not via a supply agency for at least one day in 26 different weeks in this academic year.I think holidays only count if you have a contract....

    Hope this helps

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