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Query about due diligence

Discussion in 'Governors' started by Long-Time-Governor, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    I am Chair of Governors at a VC Primary currently in the final stages of joining a Multi-Academy Trust.

    As part of the process I am attempting to conduct due diligence checks on the MAT. I am not asking anything too exotic, just "bog standard" stuff about union recognition, the financial health of the MAT, the implementation of TUPE and stake-holder representation within the Directors of the Trust. I am, to cut a rather long story short, making zero progress.

    The CEO either ignores the request, or says the documentation is confidential or that it doesn't exist

    I am not clear where I go from here?
  2. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Their cavalier attitude suggests that you don't have much choice about joining them, are DfE more or less directing you to convert and join that MAT?

    If it's an entirely voluntary choice on your part it's a pretty clear indicator of much influence your school will have once it joins the MAT.

    You could try posting the question on this forum too, it gets more traffic than here from Academy governors. http://forums.ukgovernors.org.uk/
  3. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    We are OFSTED good so at the moment there isn't any significant pressure for us to join this, or any, MAT.
  4. stevecleary

    stevecleary New commenter

    If you are VC, what does your diocesan board say?
  5. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    The MAT is closely linked to the Diocese (I understand they provided the "pump priming" finance to get it up and running) . By any normal standards of due diligence the MAT has failed to satisfy me and the whole process has left me concerned for the future of VC schools in my rural diocese.
  6. stevecleary

    stevecleary New commenter

    Maybe I have misunderstood something here, but you state that you are currently in the final stages of joining a MAT, who are proving difficult. The DFE are not pressuring you nor is there any significant pressure to join, so why are you seeking to join??? If there is a problem with the local authority, why not consider conversion to VA? There are also other models available AIUI which are possible if you don't want to join a MAT. What's the view of your other governors?
  7. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    The Diocese did an excellent job of selling the concept to the Governors - but when (6+ months later) the Scheme of Delegation arrived most of the perceived advantages had vanished. The other governors are very much looking to me for a lead and the amount of practical help and support I'm getting - on this particular issue - is close to none. I don't think that in view of the unresolved due diligence issue I can do anything but advise the governors to walk away from the current offer.

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