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Queen topic ideas...?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ShelleyCLN, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. ShelleyCLN

    ShelleyCLN New commenter

    Does anyone have any good story ideas for a topic about the Queen in a 1/2 class. We are focusing the first half term on Queenie and the second part on the Olympics... I Really need to get my lovely lot writing so any ideas with either really will be wonderful!

    Many thanks!!

    (First post - I think- so excited!!)) pleeeeease reply!!
  2. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    We looked at these books and the children loved them!
    The Queen's knickers
    Don't chew the Royal shoe
    Gran's new blue shoes (biff and kipper)
    The Queen and Mr Brown. A dinosaur day out.

    Lots of writing opportunities but all fiction. During our topic we looked at non-fiction. We wrote poems about shoes.
    Hope this helps ☺️
  3. ShelleyCLN

    ShelleyCLN New commenter

    Ooh thank you for the ideas... I bought the shoe book and the dinosaur one... I also bought the Queen's hat and the Queen's bag... I'm really looking forward to letting the creative juices flow to see what fabulous writing ideas I can come up with!!

    It's a real shame it costs us money every time we want to do something wonderful...!! £35+ on books so far... Don't tell the hubby!!
  4. ultimatedingbat

    ultimatedingbat Established commenter

    Not quite QUeens but the Princess and the Peas is a lovely one (about a princess being allergic to peas)

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