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quality of life in Muscat, Oman/good schools ?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sidinz, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. PM'ed you.
    Cost of living fairly high. Higher than Dubai, for example. There are a couple of threads on Oman if you do a forum search.
  2. Mariadelasol

    Mariadelasol New commenter

    Hello I have PM'ed you back !!

    I thought the cost of living in Dubai was higher ?
    I will do a search on Oman in here.
  3. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Cost of living in Dubai is only high if you are out drinking a lot, 8 or so times a month, doing brunches and going to all the great entertainment opportunities available.
    If you are moderate in this area, cost of living (food, petrol, cars etc) is not expensive at all.
  4. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    A lot of stuff is more expensive in Muscat, but I still like it here.

    This our 3rd year here, we are in one of the well established international schools. I'm not sure how much I would like it if I was teaching in one of the other private schools which call themselves 'International' but in actual fact are far from it, admitting only local kids, with foreign teachers.
    Muscat works for us, but it's not for everybody. I can see us staying here for a while now (I have two primary aged kids)

    I am trying hard not to 'over gush' with how happy we are, I did that before and gave a misleading impression.
  5. I have worked in Oman for the last 7 years at *** (British School Muscat) and can honestly say that I love it here. Quality of life is fantastic. Cost of living is overall similar to the UK - petrol is cheap - western food brands are expensive but overall it evens out. Remember that as part of the package in a 'proper' international school you will get free accomodation. I have heard of Al Sahwa and wouldn't touch them at all - they don't count as a 'proper' international school.
    I would only recommend ***, ABA (American British Academy - follows the PYP curriculum) and TAISM (the main American school)
    <u>Do not even consider any others!</u>

  6. Hi Traveller1
    I have just applied for a PE teaching role at your school. May I ask how quick they are at letting you know if your applictaion was successful for interview. It's just I have been offered an Interview at another international school also, but I would love the opportunity to be interviewd at *** first.

    Any advice would be great.
    Thanks Mark
  7. Totally agree! RFS is also a lovely primary school but the others aren't worth touching!
  8. sbrow108

    sbrow108 New commenter

    I have a job offer at Al Ibdaa International School in Oman. How is this school and what is the expected salary for a teacher with 5 years experience?

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