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Quality consultation on Tes resources

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by tesAuthorTeam, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    At Tes, we want to work more closely with you, the community, as your feedback will be invaluable in determining the measures and strategies we introduce to drive up resource quality, so Tes can continue to be a trusted place for teachers to get their resources. For further detail and context please visit the original thread.

    What quality is and what it means to you

    We recognise that defining precisely how to measure the quality of a resource is highly subjective, and have had many debates internally and with teachers about this! In summary, members of the community have said that at a high-level a quality resource should be:

    - accurate: in terms of content (as titled and described)

    - proofed/checked: not containing typos, no low quality/poor resolution artwork - maintains visual quality when printed/displayed on screen

    - adaptable: so resource(s) can be easily used by those needing them

    - complete: providing what is necessary to use them (guidance, solutions, examples)

    - organised: being easy to navigate and use (clearly labelled, in folders)

    There have also been discussions about expectations for resources if they are free or paid for - should these expectations of quality differ? Tell us what else you expect from quality resources and how we at Tes and the community can ensure these needs are met.

    Copyright and plagiarism

    We want to do more to ensure uploaded content on Tes is free of copyright and plagiarism, including looking at how we can provide better support to authors in understanding the rules around copyright; there is much more on this to come. As a community platform we don’t take legal responsibility for the content shared, and operate a takedown policy in the event of any reported infringements. It is important to be realistic that as a community website we cannot implement or fully achieve solutions without your help. There has been feedback from authors about having groups of teachers who help with tackling copyright and plagiarism, and we’ll be exploring ideas around this. We appreciate your vigilance in raising concerns and welcome any further ideas around these issues. What are your thoughts on this?


    We always encourage users of Tes to leave reviews on the resources they download or buy. We want to improve these systems so more members of the community leave reviews and provide further information that can be helpful to authors, for example: whether a resource was used in class, if it met expectations, if the students responded positively, or if it was adapted or developed by the teacher to meet their needs. This information is invaluable to the community and we encourage everyone to leave feedback. Tell us what you think of the current review system. Do you leave reviews? If not, what stops you from doing so? We have heard from members of the community that they would like to see a system which rewards leaving reviews. Would you be more likely to leave reviews if there was some form of reward system in place?

    We welcome your feedback on resources and quality, and any other points you wish to make on these topics. Please share your views, experiences and your suggestions below. Thank you.
  2. erica_c_hanson

    erica_c_hanson New commenter

    Hi tes.

    We all know what a bad worksheet, ppt or exam looks like. But a good one can be harder to spot. As like students and staff we work in different ways.

    I think it's a gut feeling, can I use it, will it support my students, exam board needs, subject and what is the value to my students or their learning?

    If there is no value or just ticks a box for E&M , BV or ED. Then it's not right for you or you at this time.

    A good resource is something you can take away tweek and use, an outstanding resource is something that fits your students needs and supports you as a teacher to do a good job.

    Quality is about how it's used in the classroom, workshop, RWE or workplace. As much as it is about the visuals or text context of a resource.

    Sometimes a resource just needs a little more detail or an example of how to use it. As at 5am when we are stressing about a unit, topic or exam point we are struggling with this really helps, I know I forget to say how to use things when I share with staff I work with. So no wonder some discrptions are unclear, as the uploader we know how to use it.
  3. meoluoikhongbietcuoi

    meoluoikhongbietcuoi New commenter

    In general, copyright issues must be recognized to avoid piracy

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