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Quality consultation on Tes resources

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. ajs12345

    ajs12345 New commenter

    Many individual sellers have mentioned how like for like sales have declined in recent months. I'd be intrigued to know if this is a site wide issue, i.e. the number of buyers logging in to TES resources site wide has declined? I wonder if TES might be paying the price for a neglected platform?

    It's all very well talking about quality and what it means, but any solution requires serious man-power and therefore TES employing people to make the marketplace more dynamic, and better able to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. Clearing out the clutter; recommending resources in a more bespoke may; taking the time to promote sellers other than the chosen handful that seemed to get spotlighted on a weekly basis; updating search algorithms so that the most relevant and best resources come first; vetting new authors to ensure quality is being uploaded...all these hypothetical solutions take time and money.

    I can't help but feel that the elephant in the room here is TES. Whilst it's great they are consulting their sellers on how best to move forward, I'm pretty amazed that they haven't tried to kick start the debate with some ideas of their own...
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  2. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

  3. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    Exactly the same lines as I've been thinking. Well said.
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  4. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Thanks everyone for your excellent feedback and comments so far - please keep them coming.

    On the topic of VAT as raised by a number of authors including @Kazg1 @kibishipaul @LeafandSTEMLearning @mrajlong  - our finance team have prvided some further information on this which is published in this thread.

    Thanks @ajs12345 @Kazg1 and everyone - we appreciate your points on Tes' role in this discussion. As operators of the platform, we of course have decisions we need to make as part of this process, but we want to hear the community's views to help shape the outcome of these decisions. We want to involve you in this process to ensure that we build a platform that works for you.

    There are several examples and models that we have discussed at a high level, but in order to let the conversation develop without leading it, we have held back on sharing specific examples or approaches as yet. Our next step will be to create separate threads on the main themes raised, and share some examples for the community's feedback - some of which have been raised by authors in this discussion.

    We will be doing so shortly and summarising the main points, and we welcome your continued discussion as we progress these conversations.

    Thank you
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  5. ClassroomChemist

    ClassroomChemist New commenter

    not read all the thread with this so apologies for repeating if it's already been covered but in my opinion the lack of reviews for paid resources is a big issue.

    There are a lot of issues with tes including the interface. It's more like a social media page where there is just a stream of news/info from followers, most not relevant - an option to input your subject/age of teaching etc. into your profile (which could be changed as often as needed whilst we move through the year) and have top resources for that topic appear on homepage when you log in?

    shop/author of the week?

    Seems like tes are trying to be everything (resources/jobs/news) and not doing any of them brilliantly when compared to businesses that dedicate themselves to one thing.
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  6. extra golden-time

    extra golden-time New commenter

    There is a shocking amount of junk put up for sale on this site. Whilst the quality of resources is subjective to a degree, I just saw this resource: 'Describing your dream job'. It was a few sentence starters and a box to draw a picture (£2). I'd be embrarrassed to share it with anybody, nevermind publish it. I spend many hours, developing, improving and differentiating my activities. I feel that people pay for these to save themselves a few valuable hours and access something that will have impact. It would not take long to filter out some of the worst resources - there are many similar to the example I have given.
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  7. EC_Resources

    EC_Resources Occasional commenter

    I've been thinking a lot about the review system today. I think this could really be used more effectively not just to drive up quality but also to get Tes/us authors more sales.

    If you think about it, a review system where you get credit for reviewing is basically like having a loyalty card. The more points you add on your card (from reviewing), the less likely you are to shop elsewhere and the more likely you are to make additional purchases.
    A sort of 'review points' system like on ***, would keep teacher purchasers at Tes and please authors as they'd gain more reviews. Obviously people would want to come back and review if there is monetary value to it.

    The problem which makes this difficult at the moment however, is that it's quite fiddly to review in the first place. Resources dont always appear in the 'my resources' section automatically and emails have to be sent out to remind people.

    My idea is this -
    1) Make every review worth 10p in points.
    2) When a person is about to make a purchase, a box comes up which says, 'would you like to review the last three resources you purchased, to save 30p off this resource?' (or words to that effect). Clicking on this automatically takes people to all the resources they have recently downloaded and a pleasant 'ker-ching' sound and some gold coins emanate from each set of stars they complete.

    This will drive up quality because, people have no need to be biased in any way. Whether it's one or five stars they get their 10p. Currently, as discussed on the facebook page, there are dubious reviews being produced by friends and family largely out of frustration that its so hard to get reviews, and also due to the free-turned paid resources having hundreds unfairly already. This new system would act as a major catalyst to the impartial forces of the buying market to counteract these, by making the older, unfair, reviews insignicant in number in comparison.
    Take *** for example; some products have thousands of reviews. That's fair as no one could have produced these all themselves, it's unbiased as you get credit either way and naturally, over time, the best stuff floats to the top.

    I hope that makes sense.
  8. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    If there is to be a rewards system for giving reviews it could give some weighting to how useful that feedback is.

    Perhaps authors could rate feedback - very helpful, useful, not useful, false and those reviewers that provide useful feedback would gain better rewards.
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  9. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    I agree. I do believe that TES for authors needs to divorce itself from the main company and concentrate on being a marketplace for teacher made products, both paid for and free. I can't imagine any improvement in the promotion of quality resources without this happening.
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  10. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    Makes good sense to me. Am a bit dubious about the 'ker-ching' idea though. Remember, the TES site has major technical issues almost once a day. Something like this might just overload the system completely ;)
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  11. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    The idea of clearing out the clutter of poor and old resources has come up several times in this forum. Not sure whether anyone has mentioned this before, but a large amount of this clutter would have been due to TES setting up a system whereby people are rewarded for uploading a large number of products in a short amount of time. This will inevitably lead to some dubious products finding their way into the mix, and in all honesty, who would delete anything if it is going to take them below one of the all important bronze, silver or gold levels?
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  12. jayto

    jayto New commenter

  13. jayto

    jayto New commenter

    Apologies the review above belongs to someone else - I accidentally posted it as my own. However I agree with much of the sentiment. When I first started writing for TES my work was vetted before I posted it! It's nothing like that now - some work posted is poor and/or very derivative. I found one that was a straight copy from another paid-for scheme of work - although this was dealt with quite quickly when I complained. I have quite a lot of free stuff as well as some paid-for. People are much better at giving reviews for the free stuff - maybe they feel like they want to give something back.
    Some people have suggested a set of "rules" about what constitutes a "good" resource and I think this would be useful as a guideline for the authors and for TES to help ensure quality.
    I definitely think there should be a better search tool - it is sometimes more efficient to use a well-known search engine than to use the TES search!
  14. mrajlong

    mrajlong Senior commenter

    I second all the above...:)
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  15. Maths_Shed

    Maths_Shed Occasional commenter

    But people being people, what's to stop someone downloading and reviewing 50 free resources and then getting a £5 resource for free?
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  16. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Hi Authors,

    Thank you all for your continued discussion on all of these topics. After gathering a lot of feedback, we’ve decided to draw out the main themes that have arisen into separate discussions in order to help scaffold the conversation.

    We have begun to do so with a number of new threads covering some broad themes and a few of the key areas which have been raised often.

    1. The first thread relates to defining quality and incorporates some of the feedback and points raised so far.
    2. The second thread relates to reviews and recommendations so please visit that thread to add any additional comments you may have.
    3. The third relates to royalty levels and offers some suggested models we've been discussing at a high level. Take part and share your views and ideas too.
    Please note, we have aimed to succinctly cover the main topics as best we can and while we may not have quoted all authors directly, we are listening! We are taking all feedback into consideration.

    Early next week we'll be posting additional threads which cover some of the other issues and look forward to your continued discussion on those too.

    Thank you all for your feedback and ideas, we are very grateful!

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