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Quality consultation on Tes resources

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    I agree with you on this point. People should have a choice between free and paid for. As I said in my post, free resources do act as promotional materials to attract custom to stores. However, the way TES is currently set up, most of the free materials are made by authors who have no interest in selling. Those resources have been on TES in some cases for many years and have accumulated many reviews. Try making a search on a topic using 'highest rated' and page after page after page of free products shows up before anything that is paid for. These are not your free products and will not attract custom to your stores.

    I am not suggesting sellers should forgo offering free resources, what I would like to see is a new site aimed at those whose first priority, for whatever reason, is selling. The option would still be there for members to offer free materials as well. This would result in search results that showed a fair mix of both types and not weighted, the way it is now towards free products
  2. EC_Resources

    EC_Resources Occasional commenter

    I get what you're saying, but they have to be visible together in order for you to notice the paid ones whilst you browse the free.

    The search is actually not weighted towards free - I think one paid sale is counted the same as 1000 free downloads (or something like that). When it comes to highest rated, yes I agree with you there - but look at the relevance of the results, often they don't match the term searched for whatsoever (when the highest-rated tab is used) so I can't imagine many people browse that way anyway.

    Personally I think the search isn't perfect, but it's pretty good and I understand why it is as it is.

    Maybe if there is a new quality rating or badge system for authors then that could be another search option.
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  3. mrsquenan

    mrsquenan New commenter

    A previous poster said that reviews should require a comment, and I think that's a great idea - it can be short, maybe 20 words, and the author should be able to respond. I like the idea of an additional "thumbs up, thumbs down" added - I may give a product 3 or 4 stars, but still recommend it overall.

    I have a fair number of free resources, and while I know some people put a free resource out there as a sample to a fuller paid resource, my free resources are all items I developed for my district (usually as part of summer professional development). Since I was paid to participate, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't charge for these items, so I don't. People share free resources for a variety of reasons, and I don't think we can just discount the resources because they are free.
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  4. LeafandSTEMLearning

    LeafandSTEMLearning New commenter

    Apparently I made some people upset by including "having a cover" as a characteristic of a quality resource! I stand by it though, professionally published resources, whether in print or digital, have a cover. If someone wishes their resources to be thought of as at the same level as a professionally published resources, it should have a cover.
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  5. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    There are two major differences here:
    1) Often the published resources with covers have people who are focussing solely on that rather than also teaching god knows how many lessons.
    2) You pay a hell of a lot for those resources. I will gladly add covers to all my resources if you're saying I can then charge what professional publishers do.
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  6. mrsquenan

    mrsquenan New commenter

    I said I didn't care if a resource has a cover, but I'm not upset about your comment. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. When I'm buying, I'm looking to see if the resource is going to work for me. A cover has nothing to do with that.
  7. LeafandSTEMLearning

    LeafandSTEMLearning New commenter

    I also think that having less sales would be a good way to improve the perception of quality. There seems to always be a sale going on. If a resource is paid, it should be purchased for the listed price. For example, right now there is a 90% sale for new buyers. I have had buyers who made new accounts over and over to get items for ridiculously low sale prices. It devalues the worth of paid resources.

    If the site want to do something to bring new buyers in, find some really awesome already free resources that might link to or be a part of a paid resource to draw them in.
  8. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    This a quote from the Facebook TES authors group by Angela McLachlan.

    " ....oh, and 2 freebies are the 2 featured 'top resource picks' I got when I logged on - one is six years old, and has had chance to collect 63 thanks for sharing 'reviews'. The other similar scenario."

    This sums up exactly what I was talking about relating to pre - paid author, free products and TES's tendency to promote these. I do believe that TES needs to divorce itself from these legacy resources and focus on a mix of paid for products and the newer free resources produced by the same authors.
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  9. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I agree, it will make things even worse.
  10. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I’m not really sure about all the comments regarding free resources. I think these should be of a decent quality after all we are making these for use in a classroom. Also good quality free resources help to get followers and help to build up the authors reputation.
  11. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    If a resource is good quality it shouldn’t matter about royalty levels, in my opinion, if it’s good it’s good and that’s all there is to it. Not everyone has time to make 100 resources, but if it’s good then surely authors should be awarded 80% royalties on that product anyway. Having a gold status means absolutely rock all. It just means that authors are making resources for the sake of it in some cases, just to get more royalty. You can’t blame the authors for that it’s the fault of TES for having this system in the first place. I should imagine that TEs make a lot of money from all the authors on here, yet they don’t really seem to help regarding quality and royalty levels, because they are forcing authors prices of a £2 resources to £3, so that authors can avoid paying the 30p transaction fee and they are also encouraging a flood of inadequate resources by adding different levels for the amount of resources uploaded. I still cannot understand why the charge of VAT comes out of the authors commission. This should either be passed onto customers or authors should be made responsible to sort their own VAT out as I should imagine a lot of people on here have no need to register for VAT. Ok rant over, but I feel better for getting that off my chest, sorry.
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  12. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    I've always found this puzzling as well. I live in Japan, so why am I paying U.K. VAT?
  13. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

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  14. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I totally agree with the points you make regarding improving resources following feedback from teachers that have purchased them in the first place. It might just be something simple like changing time constraints but would make all the difference to a particular cohort of students. This is what we should be doing, but unless we can find a good way to encourage user feedback it is almost possible to second guess.

    I don't know if anyone else is of the same opinion but to me, Tes seem to be putting most of the onus on the authors when they should be shouldering some of the responsibility regarding the three original quality consultation questions posed.
  15. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

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  16. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    You are entitleded to your opinion. I don't think that there is one answer here.
  17. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    Thanks Nick, yeah I meant the VAT tax. The VAT threshold is £85,000, I certainly won't ever reach anything like that amount so why am I paying VAT. None of the other online shops take out VAT(tax) payments from the author's earnings, you have to sort your own VAT out or like Etsy, they add the VAT on top of your resource price so that the customer actually pays for it. No wonder sometimes it looks like our resources might be a little expensive! If only they knew, we hardly make anything as it is.:(
  18. LeafandSTEMLearning

    LeafandSTEMLearning New commenter

    I agree about the VAT taxes. I'm a US seller and live in Texas, so I don't like that this tax is automatically taken out my earnings. I would prefer that Tes let us take care of the taxes we need to pay ourselves like other sites. It seems similar to making a European seller pay Texas state sales taxes, which the site does not do. Because of the VAT taxes I make less on many purchases than I do on the other site I sell on for the same priced item with the same royalty amount.
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  19. mrajlong

    mrajlong Senior commenter

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  20. teachercellar

    teachercellar Occasional commenter

    How can halloween resources be recommended resources in the month of January!!!
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