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Quality consultation on Tes resources

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    I notice the forums require a 'pre-moderation' period during which new members are unable to have their posts published until they've been deemed to be trustworthy.

    Perhaps this could apply to new sellers too. It could also result in those who breach copyright being placed back into a pre-moderation status until they can demonstrate their resources use only original/licensed works.
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  2. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    My point regarding covers wasn't aimed at your comment Thinky but at the following post:

    Additionally, the point may well have been made about older resources but it is a public consultation and I have the right to add my own opinion regarding it. As with anything, the more people that present the same view the more likely it is to go that way rather than one person saying it and then ten saying older resources should be deleted.
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  3. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    I shouldn't bank on that - we still can't place resources into custom categories and I think that must have been requested by almost every author on any occasion that input has been invited ;):rolleyes:
  4. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    Haha very true! Just hoping to bank on not deleting resources :)
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  5. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I agree!
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  6. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I also think that not being able to
    I don't think that a resource should be deemed as poor quality just because it doesn't have a lesson plan or a cover etc. From personal experience, teachers are not always looking for full lessons, but starters, plenaries and individual activities. In my opinion, it is more important for it to be free from errors and up-to-date.
  7. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I agree with your comments above and have noticed that since I became a gold author, I have not been mentioned once, nor have any of my products been promoted, which I find quite strange as there are not a lot of digital interactive resources on this site! I feel that I am providing something quite unique, but it gets no coverage.

    Also, I think it would be nice to get a little constructive feedback on my resources so that I know that I am on the right track. This would also encourage me to make more. The lack of proper reviews or in fact any at all from purchases leaves authors feeling a little demotivated, well it certainly does me, that's for sure.

    I also think that it might be a good idea to introduce some new tools which would allow authors to promote their own products and provide customers with a more positive way to interact with authors. For instance being able to offer a premium product for FREE in return for constructive feedback or a raffle type promotion to customers that regularly buy products from you, that sort of thing. *** does this very well and it gives the author more chance to get noticed and secure more followers.
  8. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    That's all well and good, but you can share as many free resources as you want to. But I believe teachers have a right to sell their resources if they want to; l they put a lot of effort into making them and personally from a teacher's point of view, as long as it was what I was looking for, I would be very happy to pay for it. Most of the authors on TES keep the prices at reasonable levels. The sales options also make these even better value during these promitions.
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  9. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I think this is an excellent idea as not one size fits all. I had a similar experience on here myself regarding a purchased resource whereby the customer left feedback saying the resource content could have been more difficult. It was hard to communicate through TES so after some discussion through another avenue, I added a timer to the existing resource and then made a harder version, which I sent to the customer FOC. This is the sort of facility that it lacking on TES! Teachers Notebook have a facility where you can set up a resource just for a particular customer! TES needs to get its act together.

    Just on a side issue, but something that's been bugging me since I started in June 2017, why do I have to pay Tax on my sales. I don't have to register for VAT until I make over £85,000. Does anyone know the answer to this?
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  10. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    I think that when TES introduced the 30p transaction fee on anything
    I think that is a fault of TES too, trying to make the various medals/commission meant that people turned their FREE resources into paid, just so that they could reach the next level. To be honest I did this with a few of mine. However, in order to change back to a FREE resource, you have to remove and then start all over again, which is a nonsense.
  11. mathsmutt

    mathsmutt Star commenter

    This may help : https://community.tes.com/threads/vat.746923/#post-11892974
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  12. mathsmutt

    mathsmutt Star commenter

    Rest assured, you are not alone.
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  13. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    Presumably because TES is selling the resource (rather than you).

    It raises a question as to whether TES is also therefore responsible for those things that it sells (in which case it would also be TES that is responsible for the issues of copyright etc.). I think they've taken the stance that they're acting as a 'marketplace' and are therefore not responsible - but if that's the case then I wonder how the payment of VAT compares with other marketplaces - eBay, Etsy etc. ?
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  14. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    Actually it's interesting that TES payments are referred to as 'royalties'. That and the payment of sales taxes suggest that TES is acting as a 'publisher' rather than a 'marketplace'.
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  15. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

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  16. Krazikas

    Krazikas Occasional commenter

    Totally agree - some people buy my worksheets, some people buy my powerpoints, a few people by both - they are educational resources and not always complete lessons - because not everyone wants complete lessons.
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  17. ResourcesandCourses

    ResourcesandCourses New commenter

    Etsy passes the VAT onto the customers, so this is added on top of the prices you quote your customers.
  18. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    My experience has been very similar to yours. I started selling on TES about 3 years ago by uploading a lot of the products I also had posted on ***. In the space of a few months I had about 30 to 40 resources here and I was getting lots of promotion, and TES recommends along with an interview for the blog - the article even stated I made unique resources! I was impressed at the number of sales I was making. Since then, I have been making 5-6 products a year. This is because the kind of things I make take a long time to complete and I like to get them right before I put them out there. The result has been, like you, no mentions and poor sales. Basically, the same number as 2 years ago. It is, I agree, very demotivating. However, during the same time frame and with the same resources, my sales on *** have grown by a large amount. I know my own experience with the two sites may not reflect that of others, but it does suggest to me that the excessive (and artificial) promotion practices of TES are more of a harm than a benefit. Perhaps less pushy and selective promotion (or even none at all) along with improvements in search and category choices might result in a better system all round.
  19. CullyEducation

    CullyEducation New commenter

    I agree. An old resource doesn't always mean low quality either. I don't want to have to log in and change something minor on resources that I am quite happy with just so they aren't deleted. I agree that it is a good idea to encourage authors to have a clear out but don't think it should be compulsory deletion
  20. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Thank you everyone for your fantastic feedback and ideas so far – please keep them coming! It’s great to see you all contributing ideas and discussing them.

    The team at Tes are busy collating points of everything talked about so far, and will be chiming in early next week to give feedback and responses to the various themes and ideas discussed. In our live Q&A we will also be addressing (as best we can) the main themes and questions which have arisen through your feedback.

    On a quick side-note: a few of you have raised issues that aren’t strictly related to the topic of ‘resource quality’, and while it's fantastic to receive feedback on everything (as this helps us to build a better platform for you), it would be great to keep the conversation on track, regarding the three main topics in the original post relating to quality, if possible. We absolutely encourage you to discuss other ideas or issues that fall outside of the topic, so to do so it would be great if you could start a new forum thread (or search to see if there’s already one out there!)

    We’re looking forward to getting stuck into this conversation with you all next week – hope you have a great weekend! :)

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