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Qualified to teach psych?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by barriesmart, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. You do not have to answer this but just wondering what qualifications people have to teach psychology?

    Are we all first degree holders in the subject or what?

    The reason I ask is because I am a bit down. I didnt apply for a couple - three in fact - posts last year because I thought I wouldnt be good enough.

    Now I am looking at who got the jobs.

    One school employed a bloke whose only psych qualification appears to be a diploma in hynotherapy. Another a woman who I have met before in a different incarnation and she was a " humanist" then because she couldnt do research methods and stats ( I taiught her psych and she was not good!) and the third is a woman with a cert ed and a counselling certificate.

    I have a Ph.D in psychology. I am a clinically trained psych. I have a first degree in psychology. So why am I unemployed , cant get a job and they have jobs?
  2. I meant to add - I alos appear to be a teaching certificate up on two of them and QTS up on all three.

    But I can never get a job. What is wrong with me?
  3. Don't know hun!

    Psych is my second subject - in real life I am one of those who don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as real teachers - yes I teach PE and Sport (apologies, still angry at one of the dumb 'Opinion' posts).

    My quals to teach Psych are that my Masters was in health / exercise Psych and that much of my undergrad focussed on psych - and sociology - I steered clear of all those nasty practical sport thingys :)))

    Perhaps your CV is scary!!!! You do seem to have impressive creds! Maybe people wonder why you want to teach instead of practice!

    And this post reads that you have lost your confidence - not something I would have gleaned from other posts :)

    Perhaps you should go for Uni jobs rather than FE!!!! THEN your creds would be fully appreciated! Might even be more interesting.....

    Have fun thinking about it anyway!
  4. I have a BSc(Hons)in Psychology but I had to complete a PGCE in RE in order to teach psych in secondary schools. I think many schools are looking for cheap rather than qualified.
  5. whwn I started out teaching I was constantly refused jobs because I wasnt qualified ( I didnt have QTS _ I was Fe trained) even though I was only applying for sixth form.

    Now I have QTS and I am still it seems not good enough.

    The person specs on the application forms for the jobs concerned actually put me off applying. One post O did apply for I didnt get an interview. They seem to have an OTT ( S. African) or Dutch maybe teacher whose qualification is a hynotherapy dip.

    Thats what I cannot understand.

    I am qualifed. I have a track record. I know my subject but on paper I am not good enough it would seem and in they employ people who cannot match me anyway.

    Am I the only person working in a school where no matter how good your results they keep telling you that you are vrap and need to improve the grades?


  6. Maybe its because I always seem to find myself working in **** schools whose results are at the bottom of the league tables? Doesnt look good even when my own results for my subject are good. I suppose no one wants to employ a looser. But then I am only working in a loosers school because no one else would emply me , so I dont know what thats about.

    I gueess I am too old and too qualified and tpp experienced pr something.

    I stayed on M6 so as not to be too expensive though.

    But if a school wants a rubbish teacher it shouldnt be asking for an outstanfing one. Why cant it just ask for a qualifed and good one instead especially when it is really looking to employ a cheap and not very good one?
  7. ***********
    Have actually left teaching now.... and am missing it sooooooooo much!! Not! Actually I did so enjoy inspiring my students and developing them into mini-psychos and developing autonomy (hopefully)!?? I really did but have moved on now...
    I have a first class psych degree and pgce fe plus nursing qualifications. I too am defensive of my subject and wonder why they employ non-specialists for our subjects when praps they wouldn't tother way roud??!
    Anyway I lurk here now and then and am concerned you are feeling overlooked and undervalued.
    I fear you may not have got one of the three posts offered to non-specialist pseudo-psychs because you didn't even apply praps??!! The appointers cannot read minds and assume you are interested!!
    Do you know I feel there is a role and position out there for us all and you have not found it yet! As you mite know.. I am now training as an edpysch and secured the place against fierce opposition!I am loving it though tis tuff! But then so is teaching!
    Anything else I had applied for previously and not got was not meant to be!! Though it seemed hard and rejecting at the time!
    Do you see wot I mean? Meaning to be positive and encouraging and hopefull! I too am quite grown up!! So remain positive!! I do so know where you are coming from.
    Keep us posted and chin up kiddo! Thinking of you!
  8. My guess is your age and qualifications make you too expensive.

    The emphasis these days is no longer on subject knowledge. Let's face it, even a beginner with no Psychology knowledge could cut and paste a textbook from the net, adapt and gap fill and use it for lessons. Add on subscriptions to various sites (and thus set pupils exercises from those sites) - all without any knowledge of Psychology.

    So what does determine employability?

    Cost and thus youth and LACK of qualifications.

    Why not try an experiment?

    Send off two cvs for jobs advertised in TES.

    Your real one and one (with a different address) where you're younger and far less qualified.

    Add a covering letter to the second one along the lines that you're keen and enthusiastic and you feel that this makes up for your lack of specialised knowledge.

    Then see who gets the interview.

  9. I agree with the others that you (and me) are expensive and psychology is seen as a minority subject by many HT. it is not taught on the whole throughout the school and we are mostly part time, so why pay so much for someone qualified and experienced when you can get someone cheaper? Never mind that we attract a lot of kids to the school sixth form, and with that lots of money.

    I have a Bsc and an Msc, a PGCE (FE) and am still not seen as a proper teacher as I don't have QTS.

    However, as Psychoali says, if you don't apply you just don't know. I imagine that those appointed were the best of the bunch, and i see that all the time. HT taking 'hobson's choice' someone with even a bit of related experience is better than someone with absolutely none.
  10. I would employ you BS! I think you are great! I have a psych degree and City & Guilds teaching course, a PGCE/FE and QTS, seeing as how you asked, but the reason they got the jobs and you didn't is because you didn't apply! You are streets ahead of others, we can tell that by your posts here. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and GO for it!
  11. JaneyFar

    JaneyFar New commenter

    ***********, I hate to say this but I think you are your own worst enemy. You lack confidence and this means that you are missing out on life. It seems that you make lots of assumptions. You don't apply for jobs because you don't think you will get them and then get outraged when people with less qualifications are successful. You can sit and think about the reasons why, but isn't your time much better spent applying for jobs and getting your teeth stuck in? A lot of us have been knocked back for jobs that we think we more suitable than the successful candidate but we cannot let it get to us.

    I can say this because I know how you feel. I suffer from insecurities and under confidence. Like you I have a first class degree and a PhD in psychology. I sometimes think I did all of my qualifications to prove to myself I am capable! I am lucky, I managed to get a position as a lecturer in HE. Even so, I sometimes feel inferior to my peers but I know I have to believe in yourself. This sometimes is successful but at other times I feel like a fraud who shouldn't really be lecturing.

    Maybe in your case potential employers don't think you will stick at a job that they may perceive you to be overqualified for? Have you tried talking to local sixth form colleges directly so that you can explain your situation? Do you make it clear in your letters? Have you tried local uni's for some sessional work? I think you have to get over these feelings so that you can fulfil your full potential. You have lots to offer and maybe if you start to believe in yourself other will (I am sure as a psychologist I don't need to explain this to you!)

    I really do wish you the best of luck. Please don't take my post the wrong way - I am fully supportive of you and just want you to realise how much you have to offer.

    All the best,
  12. Did you try the experiment in post 8 ?

  13. Firstly, let me clarify, I did apply for one of the three jobs I mentioned. I didnt get an interview. The job seems to have gone to some bloke with a hyno cert.

    The other two I didnt apply for because
    a) one was a temp post anyway and
    b) they wanted a summer start and I couldnt leave before July (proper schoolies contract) which meant effectively they really were looking for an unemployed teacher or an NQT or one - like the woman who got it - who didnt have to give notice. She was a part time sessional in FE before she got this job.

    Since then there have been no jobs to apply for and I doubt there will be any. Jobs seem to come up in cycles here. Last year and the end of the year before was the cycle. It will be at least two years before there are any more..

    I did oncve try the experiment suggested ( manipulating my qualifications anyway). Twice it didnt work. Once it did, although I got an offer of interview twice in that instance ( both applications came through) Unfortunately when such things happen you cant go for the job anyway because you have effectively frauded you application!

    I am not into that game.
  14. There are no sixth form colleges here. There is only one FE College and its a massive one which has several sites which it swings all its sessional staff round on. They wont employ me - I am too old and I once worked there and left. They dont re employ. They make that very clear to anyone who leaves. I left because they kept giving me sessional work and I wanted a proper job.

    They also like to use people who they can put on their cert ed course , not qualified teachers.

    They are cheeky though. They held a conference for psych teachers a few weeks ago . It was billed as a conference to help teachers improve their teaching skills and results in psych. What they really wanted it turns out was everyone elses resources and lessons/ SoW etc because their own psych dept is underp performing by comparision to everyone else.

    They wanted to nick as much stuff as they could get their hands on for their under qualified and under trained and inexperienced staff to teach from!

    There are a number of sixth forms in schools around me. Indeed most kids stay on in school , they dont leave. Staffing is fairly static.

    My current school is loosing its sixth form because under new regs its too small and the LEA cant continue to fund it. Its being taken over by the FE college I mentioned earlier - they are opening a centre nearby. They are also out to close three other sixth forms locally to make that centre viable.

    My best bet is going to be to apply to the other two LEA's who do have large sixth form provisions and no FE colleges.
  15. What about OU tutoring? it doesn't pay brilliantly but may fill a gap till you find more work.
  16. ***********, in February and March the majority of the teaching post appear for September start. If you have not found something already by then you are surely and I must tell you the students and the parents are so gratefulgoing to when the flux of jobs appear.

    You could try tutoring students at home who are not doing well and who are hoping to get extra tutoring to improve their grades. I did this several years ago and the students and the parents are sooooo very grateful to you it is embarrassing. You can find out which spec they are doing and give them a scheme of work and work through it with them. On a 1 to 1 there is less pressure and concentrate on ensuring the student understands concepts and work on essay structuring. I was given cups of tea and chocky bics etc even a glass of wine. You should be able to charge about £25 per hour. If you advertise in your local paper you will get responses. I got more people ring than I could fit in. I only wanted to do 4 or 5 hours per week. If the college near to you is not very good you are sure to get lots of response. It is worth considering as you have nothing to loose.

    I have BSc in Psychology and PGCE (FE) but also BA Business Administration.

    Good luck with your search.
  17. Hi there

    I have an honours degree in psychology and a PhD too as well as a PGCE (FE). I work in an FE college but I work all the time at a local school as part of a contract between the school and the college. My pay is awful even though I manage psychology. At the school however I know the teachers there are much better paid than me. I also have no chance to interview my students so I get students who are not up to the challenges of the subject but I get the blame if the results are not good. Yet management does not listen to my warnings. I am so depressed about it all especially as I have been for interviews and the posts keep going to younger candidates who do not have my experience. I don't know what to do but I have to keep trying and hope that someone notices that I have a huge amount to offer. My sympathies are with you ***********.
  18. I think the OU is a good idea. I wonder how you would feel about the private sector as they lurve people with doctorates. The poor results could be a problem but if you can show they are in line with the school's overall performance it may be ok - and you could say you want to teach students who are more motivated and able to work at higher levels if, as I suspect, your classes have been largely made up of very academically weak and poorly motivated kids where no matter what you do most of them will not achieve much. You may not want to go to the private sector for reasons of principle of course but it may bring you more job satisfaction.

    I did feel that by not applying for U1 you were only shooting yourself in the foot as I have never ever seen someone not shortlisted or offered a job on the basis of payscale. Schools have so much to lose these days if results are poor that any decent head will bite the bullet on pay scale if they best candidate also happens to be more expensive - and if they are willing to go for a poor candidate just becuase they are cheaper - well I would not want to work there anyway as it says volumes about their values.

    Or could it be time for a more radical change - I guess what I have just done is to find a job where my education and teaching background combined with psych and mental health background is the right combo for a job that is education related whilst not teaching? Guardian Jobs - set up a profile - e mails that match it drop into your inbox severla times a week and one day the perfect job might just pop up - and you could include education, colleges of HE etc as well as other sectors. LOTS of things developing right now in terms of education and mental health for example... could be the right time for a new career.
  19. Quite simply you are too expensive to be employed in a school. Try sixth form colleges - they tend to go more for quality than who is cheaper.
  20. I wondered something similar - I have a PGCE in Biology but my undergrad is a BSc Psychology (my a-levels were maths, chemistry, biology), later I did an MA in Sociology too - I wonder if I could teach Psychology, just curious?

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