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qualified teacher looking to work as a TA

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by shoulditeach, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone has experience or knows of anyone who has QTS then changed paths and is now working as a TA? After completing my NQT in a yr 6 class 9 yrs ago i moved areas and then had two children (8 and 4) one of which has a physical disability but is amazing and does really well. Both children are now in mainstream school and now i feel more than ready to think about 'me' again! I'm nervous about going back in to schools but think a supportive (TA) role would suit me better at this time. I have done a bit of voluntery work at my childrens school and have been asked to go for a 'chat' tomorrow at another school who have been let down by a TA and may be looking for someone to replace them... Any advice on what I should read up on as I have been away from the learning environment for some time?
    Also as its a 'chat' not sure if I should prepare anything??
  2. Perhaps I can help.

    I have QTS, but have worked since the start of 2012 as a TA. My initial plan was to work as a TA to get Primary experience to help me move from secondary teaching to primary teaching, but most of my work has actually been in an SEN department in a local secondary school. They asked me initially for a few weeks and I stayed 6 months and just after the summer hols, they employed me again.

    The advice I would give is to ensure you know the role of the TA and how it is different to a Teacher. Did you have any TAs working with you 9 years ago? have you seen any other TAs working alongside a teacher in your voluntary work? If so mention that.

    I say this because it took me a little while to 'adapt' and remember to be a support to the main teacher and not get a bit too big for my boots, so to speak! On one occasion early on, a lesson was going very much down the drain due to poor behaviour and I tried to 'step-in' but it just caused conflict and I ended up undermining the main teacher.... (This may not be such an issue with younger pupils). However, I learned from that and I now enjoy the TA role.

    Think of a way to mention your own children and your empathy with students who have to overcome specific difficulties above and beyond the norm. Plus say what stuff you have done educationally with your own kids that you could take into the classroom. On one of my early assignments I was given a small group of reception children and asked to do phonics work and I knew the songs and the actions from teaching my own kids - that went down well, so stuff like that.

    Best wishes and good luck.


    I would also try to mention some of the excellent ICT resources available now (to show you are up-to-date) even after a break of 9 years. Things like education city, maybe even iPad apps to help with letter formation, art, music etc. but only if you get the feeling the school is into all that.
  3. Thanks for your very helpful reply Harry ;-)
    I did go for a 'chat' with the head teacher this morning and she offered me the postion.. although its a little complicated so i'm in a bit of a dilema now!
    As i'm not so clear about the roles of a TA and also pay just wondered if anyone could shed some light?
    Basically they have said I can choose my hours/days so can either do mornings, afternoons, full time or as many days as I would like. I'm probably going to go with the last option as think going somewhere for a few hours each day would drive me mad but also can't commit to full time yet. However the role is temporary until end of October when they will advertise and said they would also consider me then. Another thing is regarding pay do you get paid for lunch hour? They said it was scale 6 so not sure how this would equate monthly. Also they would want me to take small groups (fine) and also an hour each day PPA cover (thats a bit scary as not taught whole class for 9 years!)
    Any advice as I have to call the head today or in morning...help!!
  4. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    A bit late perhaps but no we don't get paid for lunch hours.A bit of a bug bear as I often end up working at least half of it.Pay-unlike teachers our pay isn't on a National Pay Scale but varies from county to county.I would phone up the pay body of your county and remember it is pro rata. Has the county you are in completed Single Status? Ours hasn't we go on reduced pay this year :( Holidays are also different to teaching. You'll be fine in regards to PPA some of us are HLTAs or TAs and do PPA cover. Good luck!
  5. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    TAs don't normally get paid for the summer holidays but you will get the LA's standard entitlement of holiday which is usually 4 or 5 weeks pro rata. So expect to be paid for around 43 weeks of the year.

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