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Qualified in China

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by SYNUK, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone

    I am a University Lecturer in Shanghai, China (I am Chinese nationality). I have been teaching Education Psychology since 2015. Prior to that I completed a bachelor and then masters degree in Education. During my education and learning I have gained qualified teacher status in China for teaching pre-school (3-7yo), high school and finally higher education. Recently I also qualified as a Chinese teacher also as part of my family plan to move to the UK, and have been teaching Chinese to foreigners for over a year.

    We are researching my teaching options and the process for when we relocate to the UK as a family. It seems quite confusing...!

    I guess the key questions are:

    - With not above qualifications should I be able to find teaching work in the UK?
    - Would I need to teach as an unqualified teacher initially and then be able to do an assessment only route to gain UK QTS?
    - Regarding teaching in Universities in the UK I understand that no teaching qualification is needed but tend to require PhD?
    - Aside from QTS are there other qualification that I need/could to consider?

    For my career preferences I am open to teaching Chinese language or Education Psychology, however I assume that Chinese language might be more transferable to the UK (though not so common). Whether teaching at a school or university I am open to both.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Having taught in international schools around the world, as well as in the UK, I would recommend you to forget about teaching in the UK, SYNUK. Without wanting to be rude, I would say that teaching in the UK is a bad idea. My advice would be to get a teaching post in another country instead. Having taught in the UK, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Romania, the UAE, Qatar, China and finally Bulgaria, I think that there are lots of international schools and therefore you have plenty of choice. You can find out more about teaching in international schools by going to the "Teaching Overseas" forum and by reading my blog bulgariawithnoodles.blogspot.com

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