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Qualifications worth the paper they're written on?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AWStoppani, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. I have been quite astonished by the way vocational ICT qulaifications have become to be assessed. It seems to me that there is too cosy a relationship between teachers and exam boards and students.
    I do believe the Subject ICT is worthwhile and tthet there is some amazing teaching taking place but when you get teachers trying to deliver the exam where they have a 100% decision over the final mark then quite frankly it becomes a "cheats charter".
    And what about the A Level Exam with the 3 week window where the teachers can see the data set that they are not supposed to see and students can browse the web for find the solutions before they have even walked into the exam room!
    It does seem to me that there is a present and menacing moral hazard where the Headteacher will commend the dishonest teacher who inflates the grade to an A and, conversely, look unfavourably upon the honest teacher who has insisted that the lazy student should get a C grade - or God forbid lower than a C.
    Come on, be brave - lets all tell what is really happening out there!!
  2. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    An excellent post.
    I can't see many queing up to sign there own death warrant on this issue,
    but I am glad that the 'Nationals' gravy train is about to come to an end.
  3. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Couldn't agree more. Having seen my HoD patted on the head by management for 'tweaking' KS4 Core ICT results, while I ended up with bottom sets because I wouldn't, everything you say makes sense to me.

    I've worked in a number of schools in the last 2 years, and my mental image of KS4 Core ICT is a conveyor belt churning out ersatz Grade Cs in the form of BTEC, ITQ, ECDL, and/or OCR Nationals to boost the school's GCSE pass percentage, and for no other purpose. The conveyor built is powered by a hamster wheel, and guess who's the f*cking hamster?

  4. The Uni where I got my PGCE decided it wasn't and ditched that PGCE course.
  5. Isn't this a well trodden issue? Everyone knows that the OCR Nationals gravy train era is over. And I still hope that heads roll for what has happened to IT education because of their influence. But there is a future...a good future for IT and Computer Science studies, surely?
  6. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    Who knows ?
    I think the real culprit were Thomas Telford School and the GNVQs. After that, ICT became a subject for cheap'n'easy GCSEs.

  7. Not the schools who paid £3k for the TT materials, sacked their ICT teachers and put TAs in front of classes who were "working online?"
  8. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    Yes, and virtually everything since. Point being ; that was the start of the disintegration.

  9. Oh no it isn't!!! (In loud panto style voice...)
    Or maybe Gove (in a loud panto style voice too) will say "Oh yes it is?" at BETT tomorrow. Somehow I doubt it though... especially as in the new, new, spec all the issues with the old spec appear to have been addressed? The new, new nationals looks on paper like a good course, and has responded to all the criticism from Wolf.

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