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Qualifications needed?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by sambean, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Your degree sounds like you would have hands on experience anyway but just as often as you can try and get some volunteer work going in a school. I did a degree in Media, but had a 2 or 3 months work exp in a local primary school and workshops at eden project and I got a job straight after I graduated. So no official training or ought was needed and I'm in my 2nd year of my job now as an SEN teaching assistant and starting my PGCE in sept.

    Best of luck to you! x
  2. Hello. I really liked the advice you gave. Therefore here I am asking you if yo can help me also. I have no teaching experience so what would be the best way to get into teaching. I have degree in English. I am really confused and would be grateful for any advice.
  3. Hiya, same advice really, write to local schools asking if you can volunteer when ever you can Try and set it up on a regular basis like 1 or 2 days week or mornings/afternoons whatever you can do basically. I did a solid block at the end of every Uni term as I finished earlier than schools. Are you at Uni? If you are then definitely have a look as SAS (student associate scheme) just google it plus you get paid for it!. You just gotta be determined and willing to work hard even if it means juggling jobs around experience!!!

    Good luck! Anything else, just ask and i'll try and help! xxx

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