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Qualifications for students

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by njs1999, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    Hi all

    I'm starting in a SEN (ASD) school after Easter (relatively new set-up) and would like some recommendations for 14-19 qualifications please.

    I've looked at ASDAN, which looks promising, as well as ELCs and BTEC firsts, but feel they may be a little inaccessible for the students.

    I'd like a good mix of accessibility and challenge for the students.

    Many thanks
  2. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    ASDAN is very accessible for all levels, just depends on what scheme you choose. I’ve done personal progress with students with PMLD and bronze with students with SLD. By careful selection of modules you can teach both levels together easily adjusting the level challenge. Photo evidence is acceptable and and symbol resources used for recording.

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