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Qualifications for learners with SEND

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by poppym, May 9, 2017.

  1. poppym

    poppym New commenter


    I am after some ideas/ support on options that I may have for students with SEND in a mainstream school. I am trying to think outside the box but am struggling to get past the progress 8 situation. Does anyone have some great GCSE's that low level/ vulnerable learners may be able to take that will be points bearing for my school?

    Thanks x
  2. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    Entry level (ELC)? Can't vouch for points-bearing status. OCR offers: Art and Design - R310 (from 2016), Computer Science - R354 (from 2016), English - R393 (from 2016), Geography - R407 (from 2016), History - R435 (from 2016), Latin - R447 (from 2016), Mathematics - R449 (from 2016), Physical Education - R463 (from 2016), Science - R483 (from 2016)

    AQA ELC offers: Art and Design, Design and Technology, English, Functional Skills, Geography, History, Home Economics: Child Development, Mathematics, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Spanish, Preparation for Working Life, Science.
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  3. poppym

    poppym New commenter

    Thanks Dodros. I will look into them. At present we have been working on Asdan English but need to change that.

    I need to find some subjects that carry points so that I can have a valid argument in changing the subjects -not that I need one if it fits with the ECHP
  4. the4clems

    the4clems New commenter

    Hi - I too am looking into the use of Entry Level Certificate for our mathematics low-ability set. Edexcel, OCR and AQA all offer I found this based on WJEC info:
    When converting qualifications to school attainment points, Entry 1 is worth 10 points, Entry 2 is worth 12 and Entry 3 is worth 14. This compares to 16 points for GCSE Grade G (the lowest GCSE pass) and 22 points for GCSE Grade F
    I will double this though...
  5. the4clems

    the4clems New commenter

    ...should read double check this!

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