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QTS time limit and working abroad

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by musa.will, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. I will possibly be starting a PGCE this september however next september I will be moving abroad for up to six years. Would I still be able to get QTS on return or is there a time limit? Is there another solution?

  2. At present there is no time limit on starting or completing induction, so moving abroad for six years means that on your return you would be required to complete induction. If you are teaching abroad that may or may not allow you to negotiate a slightly higher starting salary than the usual M1. If you are not teaching then you will find that you have lot a lot of the skills etc. gained during the PGCE so you should think about a retuiirn to teaching course. At present they are run by the TDA, but they are being abolished next year and a new section of the department for education is being created called the Teaching Agenc. I cannot predict whgat will be around in 7 years time, but please bear this in mind - even if you teach abroad a lot can happen in the education system in 7 years so a return to teaching type course would be advised.
    Induction is being looked at by the current government. It is possible that any changes will apply to you as changes now are most likely to be implemendted for those who qualify and start teaching in September 2012, so do make sure you try and keep up with any induction changes. Your provider should keep you informed or check the DfE website for any announcements.

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