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QTS Standards

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by NewStrings, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Examples of things I included:

    • Lesson plans
    • Lesson observations
    • Self-evaluations
    • Print-outs of resources
    • Photocopies of resources
    • Photocopies of student work
    • Photos of student work
    • Notes from meetings
    • Photocopies of resources from meetings and training sessions
    • Print-outs of all my student monitoring documents, with names deleted
    • Print-outs of FFTDs for my classes, with all names and details deleted, and some notes of how I used them
    • Photocopies of any certificates
    • Photocopies of QTS certificates
    Are there any particular standards that you don't know what to get? If so let me know and I'll get my folder out to see what I collected - I have it in the office downstairs.

    On my PGCE we all kept a large lever-arch folder, stuffed with plastic wallets, and bought 33 card separators to keep the different bits apart. Our university didn't want us to cross-reference so sometimes we copied the same piece of evidence and inserted it four times.

    I'm a little shocked your university hasn't made it clear to you. The requirements were hammered into us from the first day, complete with last year's examples.
  2. Your provider should give you help about the various types of evidence that qualify and how to present this. Look at your PGCE programme handbook or talk to your tutor. Evidence comes in many different forms from lesson plans and resources you make to observations made on you to attending parent consultations andout of school events to lecture notes and work you undertake for assignments. Somewhere for your programme there will be advice on evidence and how to organise your files and folders.

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