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QTS Standards - help!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Frances1985, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Anyone else stuck with these? I only started my PGCE Primary on Monday so am not expecting to be 100% sure on these,but I'm so confused! Any advice as to how to keep track of things? How you can prove some of them?

    I just feel so lost when I read them. Start placement soon so hoping that'll make things clearer, but any advice would be appreciated! x
  2. Anyone else stuck with these? I only started my PGCE Primary on Monday so am not expecting to be 100% sure on these,but I'm so confused! Any advice as to how to keep track of things? How you can prove some of them?

    I just feel so lost when I read them. Start placement soon so hoping that'll make things clearer, but any advice would be appreciated! x
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Don't forget that these are the standards you achieve by the end of your course not the beginning. Your uni tutors will give advice and guidance throughout the programme on tracking standards and recording. Read recommended texts and get familiar with the National Curriculum for your age group.

    When observing teachers look for what they do to help the pupils learn.

  4. When we get observed, our tutor indicates which of the standards they feel the oberservation specifically meets. Apart from that we have been told that we need to provide at least one but preferably two or three WRITTEN pieces of evidence, so against some I currently have things written like 'observation 3/5/2008' or 'lesson plan 23/4/2008'. I didn't bother trying to keep it up to date whilst I was actually on placement - I just found that too confusing - but once placement had finished I sat down and went through my placement report and my observations first, to fill in those because it was made easy for me by my tutor highlighting them, and then read through the other standards to see if there was something I could obviously label. We have been told that towards the end of the course it becomes apparent where you have gaps and you can then set about making sure thse are specifically addressed on final block placement. Other good piece of advice we were given was to keep the written sources of evidence to hand as we will have to at some point go through and provide physical copies of the evidence.

    Hope this helps - I found that bit baffling at first too but it is a lot clearer now and not half as scary!
  5. You may find these resources will help you. Your uni should give you a copy of the standards booklet.



    I found it useful to list the standards in a table and annotate it with evidence when I collected it. My university provided us with a list of documents that we neded to get from our placement schools e.g. behaviour for learning policy, safeguarding etc. It is also very useful to get a copy of Every Child Matters (this can be downloaded from the Internet).
  6. Hi, I have a document that my uni gave me which gives detailed, practical advice on how to meet each standard. If you leave me your email address I'll send it to you. I didn't get given it until half way through my final placement and it would have been a lifesaver if I'd had it earlier!
  7. Hi,

    yes Please can i get a copy of that document? My address: nalayiniuk@yahoo.co.uk.

    Thank you so much

  8. Noo Puddles - you're a star, that document would be fantastic! Have read all the documents I've been given but I feel more confused than ever!

    Thank you so much in advance :)



  9. Very sorry but could i please jump on the band wagon. Im in my final year (4th) have just made a start and its appears to be taking me much longer than anticipated.

    my email is jonathandavies1987@msn.com
  10. HI Noo puddle,

    Is it posible to get a copy too? I've just started my PGCE and I'm finding the stardards somewhat confusing.
  11. In terms of evidence it might also be worth looking at the Teacher Training Resource Bank (TTRB) www.ttrb.ac.uk. You can browse resources linked to the QTS standards from the left hand menu, or use the search engine. There's lots of info available to help meet the standards.

    It might be worth checking out the e-librarian service as well - where you can ask a librarian a question (you do need to register though)

    Hope this help.
  12. Sorry for jumping on the bandwagon but could you email me a copy too please - Final year BA student and ill take anything that will help!!


  13. Hi all, I've sent the stuff to those of you who actually left an email address! Hehe, leave your email and I'll send it :)

  14. <strike></strike><strike><font face="Times New Roman" size="3"></font></strike>
    No doubt you found it useful on your PGCE. While it's very kind of you to send a copy of your uni document to all who ask, I just want to throw in a caveat. Each uni has its own way in which they want their students to present evidence for QTS standards, so those using your document shouldn't slavishly copy its suggestions, but should wait until they get their own guidance from their uni. Because course leaders don't want to overload new students with unnecessary details, they often hold back releasing info on standards file until later on, when you actually have to put your file together. While it's useful to know what sort of things you are expected to be able to do by the end, there is little point in worrying about them when you don't yet have evidence to show you have met them until later on. And there are some course leaders who don't require students to produce a standards file, but just ask to keep a personal log to track how you are meeting them.

  15. <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">Hi - I've just started a PGCE at Bath Spa and I too would be sooooooo grateful if you could send me that Standards document (franks.jason@sky.com). Many, many thanks - you are a star!!!!! Regards samapajo</font>
  16. hey Noo please could you send this document to me at fm023748@student.reading.ac.uk. thanks!any help is good on thsi course

  17. I should imagine you are fed up of people asking for this document by now, but if possible would you be able to send it out to me too :)

    My email is horlix1979@icqmail.com

    Thankyou :)

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