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QTS Standards evidence folders - please help!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by gypsie, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. I passed final assessment and got QTS last month.
    My portfolio was divided into standards, just like yours.
    Annotation varied, depending on the type of evidence, i.e. if I had included a lesson plan, I highlighted the parts that satisfied the particular standard (and included copies of completed work).
    Copies of children's work as evidence - I highlighted and wrote on these, again outlining how they provided evidence. For example, "This is a piece of Level 3b writing because it demonstrates .... blah blah".
    Handouts from training sessions or staff meetings had to include the annotations you made at the time. I'm talking the usual jottings you make during a meeting, nothing flash or fancy.
    Information downloaded from the internet - again highlighted and scribbled on to explain why it was relevent.

    At the beginning of my portfolio I had a personal folder which included an up to date CV and personal statement, copies of my qualification certificates (degree etc), all the entries from my reflective journal, lesson observations conducted by my mentor or any other teachers.
    General personal stuff.

    Hope this helps a bit and don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat a bit more.
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  2. Oh, and I NEVER cross-referenced. We were advised not to because it can get complicated for you and your final assessor.
    I simply duplicated some evidence in different standards.
    We were only allowed to use one piece of evidence a maximum of three times throughout the portfolio (and then only if it was a really good piece!).
  3. Thank you very very very much!!!!!! It turns out my first meeting is tomorrow morning, this will be a great help!
  4. You're very welcome Kitty.
    I've had so much help, support and ideas from this site - it's just nice to be able to give something back to somebody.
    Good luck for tomorrow and let me know how it goes?
  5. Hi, I have just read this thread and have just finished my portfoilo and had it checked. I am on the assessment only route and am awaiting my final observation. Leave your email and I will forward you some of what I have done if you would like. juliesusan
  6. Hi,
    I had 5 folders..professional practise, knowledge and understanding, teaching, teaching and class management and monitoring and assessment.
    I then had sections for each standard. eg 1.1 1.2 1.3 etc
    The assessor must be able to find the info within 30 seconds.
    I did cross reference-the easiest way i found to do this was at the front of each folder have a grid which shows the stanard number, the evidence you have used, any further information to show why it is useful evidence and then location showing where to find the evidence (this is the cross referencing).
    It took me ages to do but well worth it in the end.
    It's so easy doing it this way to find all the relevant info needed.
    Also a really useful website is www.qts.what2learn.org.uk
    I passed the GTP and would recommend that you file everything early on -don't leave it all till the last minute.
    I know it varies from each DRB but I also had a planning folder to show across the key stages. This included lesson evaluations for each lesson plan and some examples of work where necessary.
    Should you need any more info then please ask
    Best Wishes
    Chocfudgecake x
  7. Thank you everyone. My email address is kittyqueenfrostine@hotmail.com any info will be great.

    I met with my supervisor yesterday and now have a much clearer idea of what I have to produce. I have a god amount of evidence already and just need to match it to standards and annotate. I also have to produce lots of evidence that I can plan teach and assess, something I have done already but scraping together the evidence will be something else as I gave all of my assessment 'evidence' to the new class teacher! oh well!

    Thanks again
  8. I am an NQT and did my GTP last year, gaining QTS at christmas. I was told from the beginning of my year to cross reference, but a few weeks before my final assessment i was told not to because the assessor does not have time to keep flicking backwards and forwards through the various folders. I divided each standard up with a contents page at the beginning and was only allowed to put in the 3 most relevant pieces of evidence for each standard. If anything was a duplicate it had to be photocopied. With only a few weeks to go until my final assessment it had me panicing as my whole system went 'to pot', but the day went smoothly enough! Just make sure that all evidence has the standard written on it and highlight and colour code where possible, which makes things easier. Alot of the evidence the assessor uses on the day is from observing your 2 lessons anyway.
    Hope this helps.
  9. How funny. We were told not to photocopy but to cross-reference. The only problem being my cross-ref document is now 60 pages long (and counting). Am I being too thorough?!
  10. Hello Juliesusan,

    I would be very great full if you could send me your stuff as well.

    email: mzarashmi@hotmail.co.uk
  11. deano1

    deano1 New commenter

    Like juliesusan, I have recently gained QTS through the assessment only route with glos uni. If any1 has any questions or queries I am more than happy to offer advice
  12. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the advice so far. Just one question, can you give examples of what you used for evidence for particular Q's? Did you fill in a standards grid containing all the evidence? I am just beginning to collate my evidence for each standard but a bit unsure where to begin. Just about to complete my PGCE, 2 weeks left!

  13. Hi Juliesusan
    Thanksfor your very kind offer.I amcollating for all I'm worth but a bit stuck in places,so a look at your docs wouldreally help.

  14. Hi
    I am considering this route to gain QTS. Could you tell me what experience you had before being excepted on to this course?
    Many thanks,
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  15. raash01

    raash01 New commenter

    Hi Deano1
    I've just completed my expression of interest for Uni of Glos for the same course. I'd be grateful if you could help me get a headstart on compiling my portfolio - any advice, information or documents that you could pass my way would be great - raash_01@hotmail.co.uk. Cheers
  16. Hi

    I am in the process of writing the sections of personalized element and I am really not sure what evidence do I need to provide and how many words do i need to write in each section. Any information or document I could have an idea on how to start would be fantastic. I would be very much appreciate any help.


    Many thanks

  17. I am just about to start on the assessment only route and any help or guidance will be appreciated, my email is niblar1@googlemail.com

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