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QTS Skills Test Centre

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hsp_6, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Hello
    I am in a pickle, basically, I left the test centre without having taken the tests because
    I was pretty miffed at their attitude, having to remove my cardigan, glasses etc
    Im not quite sure why I had to remove my cardigan and the guys response was
    " do you want to take the test or Don't you"
    I know I should have just removed the cardi and taken the test but I didn't, now, can I
    register to take them on another day, perhaps one thats a bit warmer : ) ?
    they seem to have such a miltary attitude I am worried I will now never be able to take them!

  2. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    I expect it's because you do have to remove coats & jackets because things can be hidden in them that facilitate cheating.

    Welcome to the public sector.
    I'd be amazed if you couldn't. They get a fee for administering the tests so they will want you back.

    Log in again and book.
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The centre's are run by a private company (Pearson's)they are not public sector and they all have a customer complaints procedure suggest you use that
  4. You beat me to it WW!
    Exactly, Pearsons are a PRIVATE sector company. The same one that owns the Edexcel exam board. That's the exam board that manages to *** up a whole batch of A level and GCSE results each summer ... I believe that's what is known as 'private sector efficiency'. They're American (so much for stories of high quality customer service by American business). When you do your skills tests you're linking up to a computer in Utah.
    Just to add to your joy, there have been a whole host of complaints this year about some of the tests being flawed. eg in ICT one of the tasks in one of the randomly generated tests asks you to cut and paste from an e-mail attachment ... and the attachment doesn't exist. By the time one of my PGCE students realised the error was with the test, not her, she had wasted valuable time ... and failed the test by one mark. Pearsons helpdesk phone line just leaves you on hold forever. (At what cost? More high quality private sector customer service?) She has therefore complained loudly and vehemently to TDA who were very courteous to her (public sector you see) who have promised to investigate.
  5. If you have an issue over the 'ciustomer service' - and you are the customer then do use the appropriate channels. I can sort of see the cardigan removal, but even that's going possibly a bit too far in winter! A for removing glasses that has me stumped unless they are very high tech linked to the WWW and controlled by eye movement! Surely that is a matter for complaint especially if you need them to read the screen!
    There should be no problem booking another test.

  6. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Yes, I know what Pearsons are.

    My public sector point was that this is what it means to work in the public sector - you have to put up with the **** and jump through meaningless hoops in order to follow the rules.
    But the TDA haven't removed the pointless tests, have they?
  7. No, they have not removed the tests, because the politicians won't let them (despite all of us who are involved in teacher education knowing they are pointless). Why? Because the moment they do so, private sector *** (ie the editor and proprietors of the Daily Mail) will complain that the teaching profession is being dumbed down.
  8. What's wrong with m*ron TES? (TES is of course private sector too ... hidebound by stupid rules no doubt)!
  9. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    I (naively?) thought the skills tests would have been a very quick and popular way to save a few bob in the teacher training budget. I was expecting to pay for them but they're free, so money is being spent where it needn't be ... funny that.
  10. I was told I'd failed my literacy test (which I have to admit did surprise me a little) when I went a took it a few months ago. I immediately booked another test, went back a few days later and passed.
    I was sent an email last week telling me that there was an error when I took the first test and a number of people were told they failed when they had in fact passed. I was one of these people!
  11. Why does that not surprise me? [​IMG]
  12. Yes I had a bad time, it is as if you are there for a punishment, I was made to throw away my hot drink, it was freezing snow outside, and they wouldnt allow me to finish it, alothough I still had 5 minutes before my test. Then during the test becuase I didnt have me earphones on correctly I was interuppted and missed a question on my mental maths.

    They are very rude, fair enough, its thier job to make sure there are no cheats etc but we dont need to be treated like criminals

  13. thefootballwitch

    thefootballwitch New commenter

    I don't know which centres you were all at, but I feel that I've got to stick up for the staff at the Leeds centre who were very helpful and friendly when I did my tests.
  14. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Same for the ones at York who were really lovely, helpful and supportive.
  15. Ditto Plymouth.
  16. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Preston staff were very friendly & helpful, i had a good laugh with them which put me at ease before my tests!!
  17. FOB


    I think the issue with them being curteous is one thing, obviously any customer facing business should be able to manage that one, but I was fuming at the English test muck up. I was another person who was told that they had failed by 1 mark, so I retook it and passed. A month later I get an email telling me it was a mistake and I passed the 1st time - fantastic, now where is the £8 it cost me to park in central Bristol for a test I didn't need to take!!! Muppetry of the highest order!
  18. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    joke thread surely
  19. I have been to two centres Lincoln and Luton and the staff at both were lovely. I supposedly failed my English, a real shocker as I have en English degree. I got an email saying they had marked incorrectly.
    I've passed all three but I think they are a waste of time, you don't need them in Wales, a teacher trained there can come and work here, so what's the point?

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