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QTS, QTLS and "Professional Formation"

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by The Pobble, May 11, 2011.

  1. I would second all that S+T has said.
    Push for completing your NQT year - even if it means ringing local schools yourself - you can always use the last couple of weeks in the summer term, during/after A level exams - a colleague here did that last year (actually I think 2 have).
    Then relax and teach a year and do some spangly CPD, then apply for QTLS!
    And no. Observations and teaching during training don't count towards QTLS, it is a post qualification accolade!
    I despair that the whole DTLLS/QTLS misunderstadnig still exists! Not that it is just that cert, It took me ages to persuade a colleague he couldn't apply immediately simply because he had a proper PGCE(FE). In the end we had to let him apply and be turned down before he would believe any of us!
  2. shughesbio88

    shughesbio88 New commenter

    Unfortunately Pobble I haven't even started my NQT year I'm fresh from my PGCE, I'll push when I go down in a week or so to see them, and they have been really helpful so far!
    Yeah spangly CPD sounds fun, been looking at sorting out my masters when I've been teaching a year or 2 and know there is loads of interesting stuff about and within my subject.
    Thanks pobble, and S+T for clearing this up! I didn't realise this, so seems I've been panicking about doing it for nothing! I also spoke to colleagues at my current college (practice placement) and they haven't gone through it yet, so I feel far less worried about getting it done ASAP.
    I plead ignorance with being a secondary trainee, that's why I asked, I didn't understand (and now I do HUZAH!). I hope I wouldn't ever be that pig headed and at least now I won't waste my time applying and getting told to do again the next year because I'm not experienced enough!
  3. It can be done in college which is far simpler. It is not schools that validate the completion of the NQT year, it is the LEA. When I did it, it was simply the case of getting the forms from the LEA, getting some observations done by a senior colleague and for him to complete the forms and send them in with copies of evidence. This was fairly straightforward. Possibily the process might have changed since then, but this is far easier than finding a cooperative school.
  4. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    According to the AoC:
    "The DfE has now clarified its intention to accept the Wolf Report recommendation that QTLS should be recognised as a teaching qualification in schools for all subjects and not just 'vocational' subjects. This is subject to change in regulations, which cannot happen until the end of the calendar year.

    It has also been confirmed that Colleges can become 'Teaching Colleges' (akin to Teaching Schools): there is a high Inspection outcome threshold applied."
  5. Not if they don't have the necessary course running - which ours doesn't. We only have L3 in the A Level centre and some quite specific vocational courses. The L2 courses are in sport, animal management and similar , all for 16 - 19 year olds.
    The people here were pysics and maths teachers and so had to go into schools to gain the experience with the different age groups.
    But don't hold me to that! I am FE certificated and don't really know the ins and outs of secondary stuff!
  6. When I did it, my FE experience was entirely based on teaching L3 and L4 BTECS which included some students 16 - 18, but most were older. No one saw this as a problem.
    Certainly for QTS you have to demonstrate teaching across three key stages but I'm not sure that is true for completing the NQT year. But it may boil down to the attitude of the LEA. And perhaps my case was a bit different as I had started, and partly completed, my NQT year in a secondary school.
  7. I've go an even 'dumber' question - I have been abroad for a long time and I'm out of touch - but what the bloody hell is 'QTLS'?
  8. Impossible. You cannot gain QTLS this way. Check with the IfL.
    This has never been true. Until now, no fee was due.
    Yes there is (in England). Check with the GTCE.
    Moot point, because QTS becomes valueless (in schools) if you do not complete the NQT year.
    Business Studies, really?
  9. God's honest Guv... At my orientation I was asked to provide my QTS certificate to my employer to pass to the IfL before I commenced teaching. I would check with them, but I'm no longer a member and don't intend to be any time soon. I knew nothing of the IfL before I worked in FE and I'll be honest in that I'm still not entirely sure what the point of that organisation really is.
    I'd like to point you to the TDA website regarding NQT time limits.
    "Is there a deadline by which newly qualified teachers (NQTs) must start and finish induction?
    No. NQTs are encouraged to start their induction as soon as possible after gaining QTS, but there is no set time limit for starting or completing induction. If significant time has elapsed between gaining QTS and starting induction, or there is a significant gap between teaching posts during the induction period, NQTs can consider undertaking refresher training."

    Seems pretty clear to me!
  10. ... and yes, Business Studies! This has enabled me to teach both Economics and Business as I'm qualified in both. The PGCE is a specific 14-19 programme which also means I have placements in schools and colleges and am also awarded QTS. Great little course.
  11. Indeed. I stand corrected.
    When I qualified there were time limits for starting and finishing induction which were enforced and which had started to cause 'qualified' teachers to be forced out of the loop because they could not obtain permenant posts, (which is partly why I moved to FE, I was running out of time to complete my NQT year).
    There seems to have been a relaxation of the 'rules' into 'expectations', (I wonder why?) although there still seems to be a restriction on the amount of supply teaching an NQT can undertake.
    I think many of us have come to the conclusion that it has no good point.

  12. Agreed Shirt&Tie! The IfL developments are very interesting indeed!
    When I actually started on my course there were whispers of this mythical "5 year time limit" in which you had to complete your NQT year as well. We all thought the same! Personally though, I would have to be "professionally penalised" by electing to teach in FE over Secondary, especially as I completed the course! What with "QTLS parity" it seems those up high wish to minimise the differences between the sectors and increase labour mobility as much as possible?
  13. *...<u>hate</u> to be "professionally penalised"...
    Where has the edit button gone?! :)


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