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QTS Numeracy Test!!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by missymoo20, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Hi there, just wondered whether anyone else failed the first attempt at the numeracy test it was so hard and i spent ages revising for it. So annoying, if anyone is in the same boat or can offer advice it would be great to hear from you. It's putting me off doing the rest of the PGCE.
  2. Hi there, just wondered whether anyone else failed the first attempt at the numeracy test it was so hard and i spent ages revising for it. So annoying, if anyone is in the same boat or can offer advice it would be great to hear from you. It's putting me off doing the rest of the PGCE.
  3. i wouldnt let them get you down, you wouldnt get this far if you werent capable...they are just a pointless paper exercise

    i found the practice tests the best just keep doing them as they are identical to the real thing

    good luck

  4. Hi,
    Most of my colegues, who did the Numeracy skills test-failed it. At least onse, and some even 2-3 times. But I found out that the ones who failed did not do the practice tests provided on the internet!
    So-do the practice tests, and do them a lot!
    Try reading the feedback they give you at the end of the test-that helps to get to grips with the questions and working out the answers. Books don't help!
    good luck
  5. My numeracy is so bad that i am going to book a personal tutor, with june fast approaching i am paniking because i think it is the one thing that will fail me the course.

    I know someone who did it 7 times before passing, i would have quit before then.
  6. I failed the test 1st time round but then practised the online tests loads.I then made questions up on the ones I found really hard and got someone to time me.

    HAve you used the Mark Patmore QTS book? its really helpful.

    I passed 2nd time round and I am terrible at Maths!
    Just keep practising and you will be fine! Good luck.

  7. Sorry to hear that you failed. Like everyone else has said, just keep doing the on line tests. I think it is a little extreme to say that it is putting you off completing the rest of the course. Think about how badly you want to be a teacher.
  8. we had to take one this year im in my 2nd year at uni, the online tests were virtually the same as the one we did. i also bought the qts practice question book thats really good it has lots of questions in which are similar so you get the idea of what you might get asked.
    the only thing i found hard was the mental test theres alot to take in for one question
  9. It took me 13 go's! Sad but true!

    I didn't revise enough but then I was doing the revision tests daily and then luckily I passed! It was a paper I had done before! lol

    Keep doing the revision tests, buy that book (that helped as well!) and deep breaths!

    You will get there!
  10. Dont give up on your pgce. The tests are quite daunting but panicing makes it worse. Go into it thinking you dont care if you pass because its just a practice run-thats what I did and I passed. It doesnt matter how many times you do the tests no one else will know apart from you so dont panic and you will get there!

  11. If I can pass it then anyone can!!! I failed the first time and was really cross but the second time round the test seemed to be much easier. I think it depends on whether the questions that come up are ones you find OK or really tricky. For example, I find stats easier than arithmetic and seemed to have more of those questions the second time round.

    As for the mental arithmetic, there will be some questions that you find easier then others. I just concentrated getting the percentages ones right and tried the others but the minute I started to get a bit stressed out by a question did not bother with it and just waited for the next one. Keeping a cool head definitely worked. You only need to get 6 right on this section...

    Patmore is OK but I found that it doesn't break down the questions enough into stages for those of us who hate maths! Try getting the QTS books and CDs from your uni library as they give better explanations. Also, be prepared to sit down and really work for it, I took a couple of days out from teaching stuff to do nothing but Maths. Man, it was dull but seemed to work in the end.

    Good luck, you will pass so don't worry
  12. The numeracy test is just basic maths, I don't see the point in the tests and think their all a waste of time. The literacy one seems to be a test of being able to read LEA/DfEE publications rather than testing the skills of interpreting children's work.

    However any one who can't pass them (the ICT and Numeracy ones in particular) in three (or more) attempts really does need to question their mathematical ability.

    Sorry to be harsh, but their not that hard.
  13. Absolutely agree with you Mjoyeux.

    After all you need to have C grades in maths and English to get on a teaching course. The skills tests are easier.
  14. Hi
    I failed the first attempt at my numeracy test by 2marks, after lots and lots of practising. I went home, rebooked it, had a couple of weeks forgetting about it, then did a tester a few days before and came out with 11marks, which would have been a fail. I did the real test and passed. You get as many goes as you want to pass it, so i wouldnt worry yourself too much about it, as long as you have passed them all for may time. Good luck. x
  15. I have to disagree with allchange. i got a c in numeracy to get into uni, and I found these skills tests harder. maybe its because i specialise in english and therefore havent kept my maths ability alive, or maybe its due to the fact that i can honestly say i have never seen half of the stuff on the numeracy test in my life.
  16. Hi there many thanks for your messages and advice i spent ages going over the practice questions online and did alright with those and everyone was telling me that the actual test was easier than the practice material and mine had just ridiculous things in it. I failed by 3 marks so hopefully i might get a different set of questions. That i can answer!
  17. Don't worry about them, they are a waste of time, just practice and you'll be fine. Have you booked your test again?
  18. I agree with you as well Samantha some of the questions in the skills tests are harder than GCSE, it even says that is is an extension of GCSE in the criteria. Some of the mental arithmetic quesions are just stupid especially when you only have 18 secs you are constantly under pressure of time.
  19. Some people just can't cope with tests though...ability doesn't always come into it. I think what you said was very judgemental Mjouyeux.

    If I were being critical...I would point out your glaring grammatical error...and say that you shouldn't be teaching because of your lack of understanding of the difference between "they're", "there" and "their". However, I won't :p

    Just practise, practise, practise...that's my advice!

  20. Trust me, I knew that I'd catch heat for my comments about the tests, however I definately have my reservations about any one who needs 13 attempts to pass the Maths test.

    I found that the majority of the tests are simply a case of knowing how to solve word problems.

    "I have 360 apples, I give my friend 10%, but half of what's left are rotten. How many good ones do I have?"

    Simply think what you need to know. The above simply becomes...


    Think of what's important and don't rush it.

    There's 40 odd minutes to do the test, so why rush? Take time to compose yourself and get the question correct.

    Ensuring you have a good grasp of the fundamentals of maths is the key.

    I went through this prior to the exam and found that most of it I knew, a little rusty in places, but still enough to pass...


    I wasn't looking to spark a flame war folks, let alone the ol' internet superiority standby of grammatically taking apart one's thread. All in good raughs remember.

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