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QTS no longer required?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by James_Williams, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. No, it is not true. For anyone who wishes to teach in the State maintained sector QTS is/will be required. It is (and always has been) the case that QTS is not required in private schools and the new Free Schools announced by the government also do not require QTS.

  2. fella

    fella New commenter

    Many thanks James.
    I thought that was the case. I currently work in an independent school and i am working towards my QTS now. I think my colleague must have been referring to the requirements for free schools. Does this apply also to academies? (the non requirements for QTS?) I am guessing not as they arent as detached from lea/govt restrictions.
  3. I was just told as of jan 2012 canadians will no longer need qts!! Does anyone know anymore about this??
  4. Nothing, and I very much doubt it. What is your source? Only those trained in an EEA country or Switzerland are eligible to register fully with GTC.
  5. Schools CAN employ unqualified teachers - but generally only as a last resort (after having tried and failed to find a suitable candidate with QTS) and normally (possibly always?) on a 12-month contract. This has been the case for many years, and continues to be so I think.
    QTS is still, however, preferable - for many many reasons!
  6. There are lots of rumours flying around. It is true that the Secretary of State for education has proposed that some overseas qualified teachers could have their teacher status recognised here with no need for further training or assessment (e.g. from Australia or Canada) BUT as yet there is no formal proposal and no change to the current law in the pipeline that will open the door to overseas teachers.
    For the state mainatined sector, the current situation allows an overseas trained teacher to work for up to 4 years, but then they must undergo further assessment to gain qualified teacher status here (QTS).
    For the private sector, there is, and never has been a requirement for QTS. Academies - that are state independent schools also have more freedom to hire non-QTS teachers and free schools are not required to hire QTS teachers when they come into existence.
  7. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Interestingly, all the free schools and academies I know are making great pains to appoint teachers with QTS and also to offer induction programmes,
  8. On the whole I agree, the vast majority will require teachers to be qualified, but I have heard of a few who feel that certain aspects of teaching would be better done by an unqualifued teacher with a certain 'take' on the subject. Hopefully such schools will be banned as Gove indicates.
  9. I have heard this from a headteacher (from another school) and from someone at the borough office where I am applying for my QTS.
  10. tlevere

    tlevere New commenter

    I have heard the same thing, but can't recall the source. I am going to call the West London Partnership and TDA to see if I can find out for sure. You should do the same.
  11. I really wish that people would stop referring to me as an "Unqualified Teacher" just because I do not have my QTS and did not train in the UK! I think five years of Tertiary study in Australia, where I gained a B. Ed as well as other qualifications, along with ten years teaching experience (four in some of the toughest PRUs in England) mean I have earned the right to be called a "Qualified Teacher"!
  12. I do appreciate why you are annoyed. You will have worked hard for your degree and status. Technically those who train and qualify overseas are referred to as an overseas trained teacher (OTT). The UK government can be very pedantic about qualifications hence why anyone without QTS is referred to as unqualified, those with QTS who work as teachers in state and state maintained schools have certain legal rights with respect to working conditions and pay, those with overseas qualifications are not entitled to the same conditions and pay (regradless of whether we may think this is fair or not it is the legal situation).
    Teaching is not the only profession where such a demarcation exists, e.g. medicine and law come to mind where being qualified overseas does not mean automatic recognition in the UK. The same issues also face those with QTS who move overseas, their qualification and status is not automatically accepted.
  13. It is documented in the Professional Speaking Ontario (Canadian) teaching magazine about the new process. It is in the September edition that I had a friend read to me in the French magazine, have to get the english version sent to me...
  14. Why are you all so worried about this? There are zillions with QTS who cannot even get an interview. Why the government keeps allowing so many teachers to be trained at the public's expense when there are so many who cannot get work amazes me.
  15. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    It's to keep the wage rates down and to keep unemployment down (as trainee teachers on PGCE or GTP courses are off the unemployment books for a year).
    Also there's some justification as some schools (the ones no one wants to work in) do struggle to get staff (duh!) and while in a sane world, that would result in those schools having to offer better terms & conditions*, the world of the public sector is not sane so instead there's the pretense that as a school is a school is a school and a teacher is a teacher is a teacher, if a particular school can't get staff that must be because there's a shortage of teachers.
    *Such as employing staff on, say, 70% timetables but on full pay. Employing additional staff to do form periods, break and other "duties", so that the teachers can just teach, etc.
  16. If you actually know a school which cannot get a teacher and will take an NQT, then tell me the name of that school! Will have QTS and will travel!

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