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qts maths skills test

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sum1304, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. sum1304

    sum1304 New commenter

    Hi, Is there anuwhere I can get help or a tuition for qts maths test? I really am panicking and maybe its nerves but I everything just blocks out when I try the practice tests. HELP
  2. sum1304

    sum1304 New commenter

    Hi, Is there anuwhere I can get help or a tuition for qts maths test? I really am panicking and maybe its nerves but I everything just blocks out when I try the practice tests. HELP
  3. I'm seeing a lot of posts relating to these skills tests. I start in September and my university hasn't mentioned this yet. Is this normal?! What's the deal with these? These forums aren't good for my nerves one bit! I feel like it's before and exam and everyone's mentioning all this stuff I haven't even thought about!
  4. if you look round the tda site its all on there.

    They are 3 tests you take to prove you can write in english, add up, and use a computer.
  5. you can't do the skills test til you start the course, best thing is indeed to do the practise tests on the TDA website, they're not really that bad at all.
  6. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    People often find the Maths tests easier than the practice ones as well.

    You can use pencil and paper in the real test for the mental questions.
  7. sum, if you need a hand with any particular questions or topics I'd be happy to lend a hand :)
  8. L10

    L10 New commenter

    I too was worried about the maths test, however i bought those revision books, used them a great deal and passed first time, was so shocked! I worked on them over the summer and it really paid off. Good Luck
  9. If two sections are passed but the person knew they had answered 6 or 7 marks correctly on the mental arithmetic section, can anyone tell me if the numeracy test should have been a pass not fail?

    Just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation but still finds they have not passed when they sit any of the numeracy tests according to what the statement is saying above.

  10. sum1304

    sum1304 New commenter

    Thanks all, much appreciated.
  11. Sonver - what do you mean by 'two sections'? The maths test is just split into mental arithmetic and other maths isn't it?

    As far as I'm aware, the only score that matters is the overall one, and that is 60%.

  12. Don't panic about these tests.

    I did one practice maths test, and never got my result because my computer locked up. So, I thought, sod it, I'll just go and give it a try. I am the worlds worst at mental arithmatic.

    I booked all 3 tests for the same afternoon - the test centre was an hour away so thought it would save time in the long run.

    I did the literacy first, bags of time to spare, passed it.
    Next I did ICT, passed.
    Then I had a few minutes break, and did the maths. It was actually a lot easier than the practice one, and with a pencil and paper to jot down numbers, I managed to complete it, with time to spare to recheck answers (not the mental bit).
    Then came the words on screen - passed!

    Shock was an understatement.

    So, have a look at the practice test, book a real one, and have a go. If you fail, just do it again!
  13. Can anyone tell me when you are supposed to take these skills tests? I read on the TDA that you can do it once you get a registration number from your uni but does this mean once you start the course, or at the end?
  14. You get your number at the start (well first few weeks depending on how organised they are.)

    Then your free to take them after that.
  15. Thank god for that!
  16. Sorry carrie.ford if I haven't responded to your question earlier. You are correct in saying that you need to pass with 17 which 60%. The other two sections that I was relating to was the general arithmetic section (9 marks)and the statistical section (7 marks) i.e. graphs etc...

    I don't really want to keep going on about this at all because I know it can get on peoples nerves as well as my own but obviously I am going to question why something isn't right when other people say that I should have passed the Maths test well before now, according to what results I have had in the past for example. (see one below)

    The main reason what I am trying to understand myself and from what other people have done during these tests is the fact that if I keep failing by a few marks, I have and will always be questioning myself about where I am going wrong. However I understand this is only for me to work out which I have been trying to do.

    The only point I am trying to understand is that recently I had a printout stating that I needed to get 5 more marks to pass the test. The TDA have even said "that any sections that do not appear on the printout have been passed." Therefore the last two sections that I mentioned earlier did not show so I knew I must have passed them. However only the mental arithmetic section appeared so at the time I thought right, ok I need to practise this section again and that is what I did. I wrote down some of the answers that I did in the test by remembering what the questions were asking and again I came up with the same answers at home. The only thing that I noticed was that I knew that I had answered over 6 of the mental arithmetic questions correctly because I rechecked them when the untimed questions appeared during the test and when I checked them again myself as well as asking somebody else. I had answered over 6 correctly on that section and the other two sections had already been passed. However according to the TDA you don't need to pass the full 12 marks on the first section which I understand so I think each section can be passed if you average the marks on each one e.g.

    1st Section = 6 marks out of 12.

    2nd Section = 5 marks out of 9. (Roughly)

    3rd Section = 4 marks out of 7. (Roughly)

    So really all I am trying to find out from other people who have sat one of the maths tests is basically if they are saying two sections have been passed and I got over the average mark on the 1st section such as: 6, then why I have still not passed the test that I sat on that day? I did query the person at the test centre to see what they would say but he didn't check anything for me and I am not making this up. It is true and isn't a conspiracy theory that I am trying to catch people out on.

    In the past I have even had printouts that state that I have had to gain 3 or 4 more marks to pass the test and again the other two sections have been passed but not the mental arithmetic.

    Sorry to keep burdening people with this butI defintely think something isn't right and I am trying to make sense of it myself.
  17. OK, I see what you're saying Sonver! It seems odd certainly, looking at what you've described at face value.

    I'm not sure about the whole 'if the section isn't listed on the final print out, then it's passed' - I didn't realise that's the breakdown you got. It would seem correct that passes in the latter two sections must mean you achieved at least 9 marks there, leaving you with 8 to get from the mental arithmetic section (to achieve 17 out of 28 which is 60%). If you know you got 6 correct on mental arithmetic, then maybe you missed out very narrowly (assuming you scored only 5 and 4 on the latter two sections)?
  18. I know that I had answered 7 questions on the mental arithmetic section correctly so the TDA say that you only need to get the average mark i.e. 6 or above to pass this section alone then I don't know why it still appeared on the printout.

    On the other two sections I will never know if I passed them based on getting the average mark on both or more because no information is given to us as to where I may have gone wrong etc... However if I did pass on the average marks then I would have achieved 16 so I can understand that I wouldn't have passed the test anyway but on the otherhand, where did the 5 marks come from then that I needed to gain to pass the test in the first place? I may have achieved more than half marks on the last two sections but still have 7 correct answers on the 1st section which still makes the scoring on the test incorrect.

    The two sections together by getting the average mark on each would equal 9.

    Then if 7 answers were correct on the 1st section that makes 16. However if the TDA state that "you only need to get the average to pass the section or or if you can achieve more than 6 in this case then, still the 5 marks on the printout don't seem right. You could say I should try to get 8 marks on the 1st section then to make it upto the 17 mark but then the rules set by the TDA are not correct and are false. That means then that I would have to try to answer more correct questions on the mental arithmetic section but for others it is ok to only pass it with an average mark of 6. If that was the case then obviously it is unfair. Sorry if it confusing to understand.

  19. I haven't come across anything stating you can pass with an average in each section, just that you must achieve 17 marks overall (meaning you could achieve only a couple of marks in mental arithmetic if you wanted!). Where did you get that information? If it's true then we are all misled!

    The fact that your print out says you needed to get 5 more marks on mental arithmetic doesn't seem to make sense if you KNOW you got at least 7 marks - at most it should only be 1 more mark. Are you sure the print out didn't mean there were 5 more marks available to you in that section (which would obviously then add up to 12)?

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