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QTS literacy and numeracy tests.

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by hemingfordgrey, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Gove will have provided the broad policy aims, but the meat on the bones will have come from the Civil Servants. They will know the statistics for the number of times teachers have to take the test and the 'get it in three goes or you can't train' will reflect this. There are primary teachers teaching numeracy who had a dozen or more tries before they passed the numeracy test.What the Civil Servants will also have seen is the abuse of ICT to massage results. That will have made them question the validity of the subject and their analysis will have told them that it just isn't delivering.It's difficult for a classroom teacher to see the bigger picture.
  2. I'll assume by the lack of a smiley face that you are intending to be that patronising.
  3. If you like.Have you got all the statistics handy?
  4. Well as the TDA statistics only cover first time passes, passed after one retake and passed after two or more retakes it would be difficult, if not impossible to make an accurate assessment on how many would not pass after three attempts.
    I don't have this years numbers to hand, but if you really need them I can get them for you.
    Of course it does help that I have a brother who is a high ranking civil servant. Perhaps I have a somewhat wider view from my classroom that you anticipated?
  5. You can roll down your trouser leg now.
  6. Is it OK if I keep my apron on? [​IMG]
  7. And how appalling it is that 'teachers' who couldn't pass these pathetically low-level tests at the first attempt have been allowed to enter the profession.
    I don't agree about much with Gove but this move is a great one.
    I'd also like all foreign teachers coming to the country to be made to pass the tests before teaching.
  8. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    ICT just isn't as catchy as English and Maths. Everyone "knows" what English and Maths are all about and everyone "knows" why they're important. As a result, it easily grabs headlines and pleases all of the "Standards are falling!" crowd.
    ICT is harder to nail down - It's not quite so specific and for many teachers just a way to do the register or reports; you can't capture its importance it in a soundbite since its use is so varied.

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