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QTS -its just ridiculous

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by artbot, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Artbot
    I think its a question of attitude. I mean you have to change it and look at this positively, Im also from outside the EU, have higher qualifications and on one of the training programmes. I can assure you from what Ive seen inside the classroom that its neccessary to do some "reconditioning" for the british classroom. As a matter of fact, I know two Aussies who who arent having a fabulous time in the classroom. One is an HOD back there but he is struggling with behaviour management and his colleauges think he is not a good teacher. Better be humble and conform to the system rather than being too complacent!!

    Look for a school to support you to do the course or if you have been teaching here for a while, look for other routes to qualify and surely if you have got a Masters degree, you should be able to study and pass the QTS skills tests. They are no big deal at all. By the way, Masters degree are offered by the University not the state(ministry of education) and they arent recognised automatically whereever you go. Ph.D. yes. So dont put so much importance on it. Focus on getting the QTS and forget my living rough for a while, its only for a year
  2. invincible

    invincible New commenter

  3. invincible,

    Thanks for the link. That looks like an interesting program. I am surprised that the Univ. of Western Ontario would offer a degree based on so few credits, as they have a strong reputation in Canada as an excellent institution.

    I wonder if this degree would be sufficient for certification in my province, Alberta. There doesn't seem to be enough course work and student teaching experience. It's probably fine in Ontario. That province isn't known for their quality education in Canada.
  4. If I wanted to teach in Australia I would have to retrain. They would not even let me enter the classroom to teach. I think our rules are quite lax compared to some other countries.
  5. you can teach in a faith or private schools (i think they are called public schools here). You look for the catholic education office to apply for a number. You only need a degree and you don't have to be catholic
  6. Nico76

    Nico76 New commenter

    You must be a British...
  7. wildorchid1804

    wildorchid1804 New commenter

    I didn't mean to quote the above, just getting my head around the site. I though people on this post might be interested in this petition which I cam across in another forum. If anyone wants to support, feel free. Signing up is easy. just a name and an email address. I believe they need 500 signatures.

    Kind regards
  8. Nead2604

    Nead2604 New commenter

    "the only way for us to gain better pay is do this ridiculous QTS-We
    have completed the tasks, got into a school, been observed-We were
    about to hand in the massive folder when we were informed that u have
    to complete x3 humiliating "skills" tests which are TOTALLY irrelevant
    as I am peripatetic music teacher!"

    As an Educator, you should be able to punctuate, add up how much money it would cost to take a group of kids to a play and use Word on your computer.That is all the QTS skills test ask you to do. If you can't do the QTS tests, which are the most basic form of literacy, numeracy and IT skills, then you really shouldn't be an educator. There is nothing to the tests so I don't understand the panic! They are not irrelevant, even to a music teacher. They are simply basic life skills tests....a bit of a nuisance to schedule...but not a big deal. I am an American teacher who decided to take a PGCE here to teach, I had to do the tests and it was so simple that I was amazed at my worry over it. You will not be asked to do algebra or write an essay...no fancy computer work...just the basics you use every day. I also have a Masters and years teaching experience...and my degrees and experience equaled yours ...they mean nothing over here. But that is okay. I just did what I had to do to mean something here.One year of school and these three tests. No big deal. When in Rome.....
  9. serendippy

    serendippy New commenter

    Did you design education...do you know what it is supposed to be? Here's Sir Ken Robinson with a more open-minded view that puts QTS in true perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG9CE55wbtY
  10. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    I haven't waded through the 5 pages(!) of responses, so excuse me if this has already been posted. However, you all now realise that Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans who qualified in their respective countries and are registered with their home teacher registration body can now apply for QTS via the following link?


    Like I said, sorry if someone's already posted this or I've missed something about your situation which makes you ineligible to apply.
  11. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    I take your point re; maintaining standards, Kate45, but it is somewhat insulting to say that my degree from one of the world's leading institutions does not qualify me to teach in the UK. It's not like I qualified form the Kinshasa Adult Ed Centre. I'm a native-English speaker with a solid degree and an excellent track record of employment and I've steadfastly refused over the years to having to prove myself once again, almost out of principle.

    Before the GTC abolished QTS requirements for teachers from several countries, mine included, I simply found a job in the independent system instead where they recognise and reward my degrees and past teaching experience without the need to jump through hoops.

    That said, I'm in the process of getting the magical bit of QTS-paper so that I'm never again confronted with this issue if/when I change schools.
  12. Spot on, exactly-its the principle of it. Its good to get, well done.

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