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QTS file question- please help me asap!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by primary112, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. primary112

    primary112 New commenter

    Hi. I'm really hoping someone on here can help me. I'm desperate! I'm a final year trainee and my school coordinator wants to see my QTS file on Friday as well as about 5 others on my course. We all have her as a coordinator. She's seen my file before but she wants to collect them in on Friday (this week) to have a good look through them. I've managed to do all of the standards except 3a and I really don't know fully what it means or what to include as two pieces of evidence. I have no idea where to get the evidence from or what would be appropriate. Please would somebody help me or preferably, give me a link to some evidence/email me something I could annotate? I really do work incredibly hard and have done all the others. I'm close to tears because I'm desperate to get this standard done but I just feel completely lost and have no idea what to put for it. Please help!
    The standard is: Be aware of the professional duties of teachers and the statutory framework within which they work.
    If you have any evidence which I could use for the file, please send me a message on here and I'll give you my email address. It would really mean an awful lot to me. I've been trying to figure it out for ages and I still have no idea. I feel completely clueless. It's not something I've covered on my course, but I know that I should know it. If you can help please do! I'm incredibly stressed.
  2. The statutory frameworks are the frameworks by which the teachers have to work. E.g the National Curriculum, Child Protection Act, Foundation Phase. I bet as soon as somebody has said it it will be obvious! Don't worry about having a mind blank - panic doesn't help and nobody knows what every standard means off the top of their head! Maybe show evidence of the schools policies and how your lesson plans/ time in class incorporate the statutory frameworks. Hope this helps!
  3. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I think for that I put down any training I did in schools, eg. Health and Safety talks, Child Protection, what to do when the fire bell rings.
  4. I had my placement tutor write something like "XXX has worked well with a secure understanding of national policies". Is there anything on your placement evaluation forms similar to that?
  5. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    I wouldn't worry, 3a is one of the easier standards to hit so you've probably hit that standard a few times without even realising it.
    If you Google "Example TQS Evidence" then you should find a link from Bath Universirty with ideas on how you can hit those standards.

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