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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by SousanL, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. SousanL

    SousanL New commenter

    I'm about to go back into teaching at FE level, after a year of management and have been asked by the recruitment agent yo get my QTLS. I was a member of IFL, now defunct, and when I found out that I need to pay out £485 to register after 16 years of experience, my jaw dropped. I have a consistent CPD record. Can anyone enlighten me please?
  2. ConorDeak

    ConorDeak New commenter

    It used to be free until about 18 months ago and then they decided to charge, because they claimed, they needed to in order to continue to operate. But as you see, they are no longer in operation and have morphed into something else. Regardless of experience I don't think there's anyway around it I'm afraid.
  3. cazzmusic1

    cazzmusic1 New commenter

    I work in Adult and Further Education and my PGCE has been sufficient for 11 years. I've not been asked to do QTLS.
  4. ConorDeak

    ConorDeak New commenter

    QTLS is really for working in secondary or primary schools. It's not necessary if you are just working in FE.
  5. HarryVienna

    HarryVienna New commenter

    I don't think it's necessary to have QTLS for FE. My understanding is that it only applies to primary or secondary teaching.
  6. ssaleh21

    ssaleh21 New commenter

    No QTLS is not necessary for FE.
  7. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    QTLS is not a legal requirement if you completed your PGCE between 2003-6 (I think - please check these dates for accuracy). Agencies require it as I don't think they really know what it means and I suspect feedback from schools initially required it when QTS was essential for school teaching. From what I understand Gove de-regulated schools requiring teachers without QTS/QTLS to be paid at an instructor rate, thus making you a qualified teacher (of sorts - I do not want a QTS . You can obtain it but if you completed between the years I stated (again please check) you are under no legal obligation as it did not exist then. Although anybody qualifying since does need to obtain it as the rules were changed to include it.
  8. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Sorry I meant to add into that (of sorts - I do not want a QTS vs QTLS debate!)
  9. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Oh and according to the other thread QTLS has now been abolished due to the closure of the IFL = hope this makes sense:oops:
  10. anon8701

    anon8701 Star commenter

    Oh and according to the other thread QTLS has now been abolished due to the closure of the IFL = hope this makes sense:oops:

    Nope. It's now being dealt with by the Society for Education and Training (SET) and you're right bob79. Anyone who got their PGCE BEFORE the 2007 regulations came into force which made it compulsory for FE teachers to be qualified, does NOT need to obtain QTLS. SousanL, tell the agency to go away and reread the rules if you don't want QTLS! Also, the £485 is the cost of starting the process of obtaining QTLS through professional formation. It is not the cost of joining SET.

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