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QTLS vs QTS ... Help very experienced teacher pulling her hair out!!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Pinky1978, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. I would like advice on the QTLS vs QTS debate..

    I did a PGCE FE qualification at Greenwich University in 2002. I received a training bursary and was put on a placement, passing the course successfully in June 2003, did a term of supply work in a school until xmas, then gained employment in FE in January 2004.

    I taught Art, Graphics, Illustration and Design in 3 colleges over 6 years, in this time I successfully delivered BTEC, GNVQ, GCSE, AS/A2 and Foundation diploma in Art and design as well as teaching 14-16 year olds. I took up lower level manager roles and did those to an excellent standard.
    In April 2010, after living abroad for 6 months I came home and gained a coordintor position in a special school teaching 11-16 year olds BTEC, KS3 & GCSE Art & Design.
    I have gained the knowledge of teaching KS3 so do feel confident with that now.

    My issue is the QTS, my school is a state run school and currently despite changes that are in the pipeline, I will still need to get QTS and then become an NQT after 8 years of experience and knowledge.. The truth is I find this really upsetting, I was paid top FE scale in Essex £33-34k annually, I worked hard for this!! Although my current contract for this year pays me top unqualified + SEN and a personal allowance to match it. Nothing is guaranteed...
    I should have the right to do my job and lead my department without the silly hoops to jump through.. At the moment my only option seems to be the QTS assessment based option, which I will be starting in September 2011, my head has insisted I gain QTS and doesn't look to be re considering despite the fact that QTLS may be given parity and is far easier for me to get quickly with my circumstances.. Unf due to fact that I already have a PGCE and was funded through LEA the fees for this option are £1,250 (which won't be funded by LEA due to fact I did teacher training already 9 years ago)

    Am I wrong to feel so let down and upset by an unfair and two tiered teaching system
  2. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    I dunno.....you make our choices...did you not think this might be an issue way back when you chose your PGCE course? I'm not sure that it's as difficult to move the other way as many PGCE (for QTS) cover 11-18 and can then be used in FE. I am sorry you have to jump through hoops now when you've proved yourself, but what was the advantage of doing the QTLS all those years ago?
  3. Thanks for replying to my post.

    When I chose my PGCE at the time, I wanted to teach in FE.. Jobs are pretty scarce due to funding cuts, also the fact that schools are going to become compulsory to 18 in next 2 years, moving into schools seemed the logical choice.
    Oddly enough I read the latest IFL journal today and I read that the new Wolfe report that been sent to parliament, on this report it says due to changes coming up in education and the need for vocational skilled teachers in schools, Michael gove agreed that teachers with QTLS should be allowed to teach in schools with ' immediate effect'.
    There are over 27 points in the Wolfe review and it is was reported the government will release the info about the law changes after the summer, it is expected one of the changes will be to end the QTLS/QTS debate once and for all and allow PGCE (FE qualified) to teach in schools and be given equal rights in pay and status.
    Let's just say I'll be keeping my ears close to the ground :)
  4. i am in similar position. Qtls with 8+ years teaching experience and 'outstanding' right across the board. I can teach, i have theory and skills, understanding of pedagogy, strong in planning and assessment. Gove said 'immediate effect'. We are qualified and it is a bureaucratic nonsense. I do not want to undercut anyone, i just want parity!
  5. I totally understand your feelings, our last government should never have insisted on FE lecturers getting a specialist PGCE if they were never truly going to recognise it anywhere else.. My PGCE from Greenwich was even an art and design specialist course, I did the assignments, a workplacement, was observed 5 times, we should all be offered QTS immediately, with no fuss, if we have been working in schools for a year out of principle.. I have 7-8 years teaching exp already, so I think a few observations and a year in school should be enough to convert to QTS without stupid pointless national skills tests.. I mean what a joke! Even teachers who took the secondary and primary PGCE courses hate taking the tests..

    Try the registered teachers scheme, University of Gloucester and Lonoco for assessment based QTS, if not wait until the ifl announce when the changes in law will come into effect after the summer, talk to your head and see what he/she says about your alternatives..
  6. You don't need qts to teach in a school anymore, check out the supply forums and find out what's going on.

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