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Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by small1, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. small1

    small1 New commenter

    Im looking to register for 'recognition route' set out by SET to gain QTLS. Is this recognized across the industry in UK and Europe. I have a BSc Degree in Sport Science / Psychology and 17years experience in FE colleges. Im looking to move to Sweden in the new year. Any advice and experience of the process is much appreciated.
  2. ssaleh21

    ssaleh21 New commenter

    I think recognised in England, but not outside. No harm in asking schools in Sweden?
  3. Jon_Gretzky

    Jon_Gretzky New commenter

    In Sweden they may not even know it,
    but I found the four letters at least not detrimental. They look good on your CV.

    I did the recognition route myself.
    Gaining recognition means that you count as fully qualified teacher inside England.
    Outside England (i.e. even in Wales) you may find it difficult to convince people that you actually are a qualified teacher.
    I inquired for recognition in other EU countries (the idea being that a UK qualification should actually be valid e,g, in France or Austria), but found the authorities quite reluctant to let you loose on their children without a domestic teaching certificate.


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