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QTLS questions

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by hellsbells2702, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. hellsbells2702

    hellsbells2702 New commenter

    Just looking for some advice really as I've been finding information online so vast and confusing....

    Basically, I have a PGCE in Adult Literacy from 2012 & have been teaching GCSE English in FE since then. I like it, but the work isn't secure atall and is all sessional (unless I want to work with 16-19 year old apprentices - which i REALLY don't!). I'm thinking of moving to 6th form or possibly private school teaching but to do this it seems I need QTLS. I don't really understand what it is, other than CPD and pretty much repeating everything I already did during my PGCE - but having to pay a chunk of extra money for it...

    Anyway, I'm hoping to start applying for teaching work starting in the next academic year but have no idea how long the QTLS process takes. According to the SET website, I've missed the January application window and now have to wait until April. Could anyone who has gone through the QTLS process tell me - how long does it take to complete? If I got all my evidence & various bits of writing (reflections?) done in advance, could I just apply in April and get it all submitted within a month? I keep reading about how you must complete your QTLS within a year of applying - does it take most people a year?? I've been teaching since 2012 so have loads of evidence & experience stacked up....

    Hope someone can help & advise.....
    Thanks :)
  2. Hannadelaney

    Hannadelaney New commenter


    I'm in a similar boat with QTLS. It is Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Status. It is equivalent to QTS meaning "of equal value" but some will disagree with the meaning.
    QTLS is simply your PGCE portfolio again but I have more or less finished mine and seen completed portfolios from peers and it is achievable.
    They say complete within a year because you can defer it. I am submitting in April and it should be awarded by June/July. There is a table on the website which shows the dates.
    When applying for jobs I am saying that I am waiting for my certificate. They are September start jobs so I don't see the problem with not getting my certificate til June. My portfolio is done but I was checking whether it was really equal to QTS before I paid up. I have peers who have completed it and they now work in schools. It's a faff but it shows you have the commitment and the CPD on your CV. Don't forget to mention your membership with SET and any other courses you have started/completed.
    Watch the video tutorials provided and read the information in every section. I found that really helpful. Also- use the workbook resources alongside your everyday teaching. That way you will be able to read through and drop and drag relevant material without needing to upload all the time.
    Good luck :)

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