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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by glass, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. So is it true we can all be considered equal when appling for teaching jobs in schools?
  2. Anyone can apply for a teaching position in a school and this has always been the case, however if you did not have QTS you normally would not stand a chance.
    But what used to happen was that schools sometimes found it difficult to fill certain posts with QTS qualified teachers. These posts tended to be either to teach those academic subjects only taught at L3, e.g. psychology, or to teach vocational subjects taught at L1/2, e.g motor vehicle engineering.
    And what sometimes then happened is that they employed FE qualified teachers to fill these gaps, but could not pay them on qualified rates. This is what has changed.
    But so has the market, schools are dropping L1/2 vocational subjects like hot stuff on a brick.
    They are now desperate for teachers who can deliver E-bac accross a wide range of abilities, they are particularly short of MFL teachers. They are always short of maths and physics teachers.
    Now put yourself in the position of a HoD looking to appoint someone to teach French and who can handle bottom set Y9 on a windy afternoon. You have two candidates. Both have two years teaching experience, one in a school, one in a college. One has QTS and the other has QTLS.
    Now answer your question.
    Do you have something that schools need?
  3. And then consider my position. I teach A Level PE!
    OK you think. She can go into any school and teach!
    Nope! I am a sport scientist not a coach and wouldn't have a hope in hades as I couldn't do the job!
    My second subject isn't much help, psychology isn't a core subject!

    So I doubt it will make a difference to me! Pity as I have seen some lovely Director of Sport jobs recently!

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