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QTLS/QTS/NO QTLS - ARRRRgggggHHHHHH my head hurts please stop the pain!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheflecturer, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Regarding Partiy...
    The IfL has been worked closely with the Department for Education (DfE) on
    recognition of QTLS for teaching in schools across subject areas, age
    groups and recognising the same pay and conditions as school teachers
    with QTS. IfL also worked in partnership with Association of School and
    College Leaders (ASCL) on advising head teachers on recruiting teachers
    with QTLS and ASCL issued guidance to head teachers in August 2011.
    Teachers and trainers with the high-level professional status of QTLS
    will be able to teach flexibly across schools and colleges, and schools
    will be able to recruit specialists whose expertise and experience in
    their subject area is combined with expert teaching and a commitment to
    staying up to date through continuing professional development.
    Regarding the Money ... ask where it has gone?
    Regarding me....I represent all teachers for all subjects and all levels everywhere. My personal experience is extensive, and irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
    ...... Its all good..................

  2. I represent all teachers for all subjects and all levels everywhere.
    Now that is the daftest thing you have said so far barney.
    Your only contribution has been to extol the virtues of IfL, for reasons which are not clear, and you have steadfastly ignored any discussion about those that do not have parity. What of those that have the old Cert. Ed? What of those that have taught say, aggie engineering - not taught in schools - what difference does QTS make to them? How does your precious IfL help them? Just how are you representing them? Answers please.
    About the money.........why don't you tell us where you think it has gone?
    PS.....you don't teach at all, do you?
  3. Are you saying Pobble, that you think teachers of secondary school are more of a "teacher" than an FE lecturer - that they are more professional, should get more money, etc.?

    As for the money, I would really like to know where it has gone.
  4. Ha! That's a good twist.... numpty!

    And could you be specific, what money in particular do yopu think has disappeared?
    Soundbites are all well and good but you do need to add meat to the bones every now and then!
  5. You definitely do not speak for me. For that you need consent, which will never be forthcoming if you speak on behalf of the IfL.
    So, adios IfL. I will now thoroughly enjoy watching this ever-wasteful, self-interested, undemocratic, data-entry quango shrivel up and die.

  6. Pob, try not to take things personally.
    The money was never there to start with - that is the point and the Great Lie. How can you believe it has gone when it was never there in the first place?

  7. I'm assuming the sun is shining with you, barney, hun. You seem to have sun stroke!
    Now you are asking me to tell you where some non existant money is?

    I don't know, do I? Or do I?
    Did I lose it? I am getting forgetful in my dotage.
    Just let me know what I owe you.....

    (Oh, and in my little world numpty denotes somewhat fond amusement. Pillock, irritation.)
  8. Get a grip Pobble. You're not keeping up. There was money, then the money disappeared, where did the money go? There was no money! Just a campaign to win hearts and minds........now where have I heard that before?
    Mad as a box of frogs!
  9. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
  10. I remember Shirt and Tie berating other posters on here for daring to suggest that FE teachers had the same competency as school teachers. He/she frequently trotted out the QTS standards and framework as evidence. Now the regulations have been changed and QTLS is seen as directly comparable. So his assertions from the past have been well and truly negated. Though he/she might try to disingenuously argue otherwise. Regardless of what may or may not happen those with QTLS have finally received recognition and can obtain the same pay and conditions should they wish to migrate to the compulsory sector.
  11. Well remembered.
    What the regulations say is that someone with QTLS can be employed by a school on the same basis as someone with QTS, which is not quite the same thing.
    I stand by them; QTS and QTLS measure different things in different ways and are not comparable.
    I'll leave that for others to judge.
    If you fully remember I've always accepted that an inequitable situation has hitherto existed.
    But you will need to 'migrate' quickly, because almost on the same day as John Hayes enacted this reform, he accepted the proposals to abolish QTLS.
    That's how much this government values it.

  12. yes, shirtandtie needs to focus on the discussion thread and leave the personal berating aside.
  13. I have always found shirtandtie's contributions focused on the relevant discussion thread. He very rarely personally berates anyone either (not since I started reading TES forums anyway).
  14. The two qualifications are not comparable. There is parity in regard to employment in secondary schools amongst the holders of either, however, QTLS holders working in schools are still subject to conditions.
  15. I'd like to take a moment to welcome barneyboy back into our midst!
  16. Thank you Pobble. It is nice to engage with you as well.
  18. This sarcasm is not really necessary or appreciated in the forum threads. You sound like S&T or Jaboc.
  19. Before joining a school, I had 14 years experience teaching Construction courses up to and including level three.I have Trade qualifications, aCert Ed, A1 assessor qualifications, V1 Internal QA qualifications, Have been at the forefront of setting up and running Construction departments at Two colleges and have, over the past 4 years done the same at a school.
    I am just about to submit my QTLS application to IfL because I am sick of being classified and treated as unqualified, on a lower pay scale, with less favourable pay and conditions.
    I have to do far more than my qualified colleagues in the way of ordering materials, arranging workshop space, running a budget for consumables, teaching 5 days a week with no PPA time.
    So please, if people are prepared to go the extra mile and complete the QTLS, at least have the decency to recognise me and others like me as 'proper' teachers.

    Sorry for the rant but I feel strongly about this.
  20. Well said!
    Sadly there are some here, mainly ex-schoolies, who will always view you with snobbish disdain. Still, now Gove has destroyed school teaching as a profession in academies and free schools they are getting a taste of their own medicine.
    Well done to you, Grounded

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