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QTLS/QTS/NO QTLS - ARRRRgggggHHHHHH my head hurts please stop the pain!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheflecturer, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Misinformation, anyone can join IfL (as I havetold you many times so I am at a loss as to why you repeat it)
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  2. And I have pointed out where you were wrong!
    If you work in the compulsory sector, as OP seems to then IfL memberships and QTLS are a non issue at this time!
    Why focus on inappropriate details? It is not helping the OP!
  3. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Thanks guys, this is where I get confused (I know it sounds stupid but here goes) Is a Sixth Form classed the same as a school? We were pressured with previous management to join either IFL if we were not school trained with QTs. I did not as I felt in unecessary - is this so?
  4. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    unnecessary - sorry more typos!
  5. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    To clarify there is not school attached to the Sixth Form it is just a Sixth Form

  6. OK. Then you are in the FE sector and should be in the IfL.
    Here's their list of who should be in... and it includes sixth form colleges!

    BUT that does not mean you have to gain QTLS! And that is probably where the confusion set in!
    FE sector is obliged to have its staff in the IfL. This is entirely separate form QTS/QTLS.
    Have a look here and you can see if you need to go through QTLS!

    So it seems you should join but given your starting date and PGCE(FE) you don't have to go through QTLS! As you go through the membership pages you will select your specific certification and the machine will confirm your status as an Associate if your cert isn't Ok and a Memeber if it is!
    Oh, reading back I notice you didn't jon IfL as you are an ATL member.
    ATL is a union and IfL is a professional governing body. They do different things, the first is your choice.The latter has been compulsory for a while. And you employer got it wrong as ALL staff, even QTS/GTCE members should have joined IfL and checked their need for QTLS in 2007 (or any joining date since).
    And yes, your PGCE (FE) will affect your ability to work in a school - but as the nice Mr Give has pronounced on that recently we don't know exactly how any more! You'll just have to wait and see with the rest of us!
  7. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Thanks Pobble, why do I need to join IFL? I have not been told by work it is not a necessity they told us to hold off about two years ago and there has been no up-ate as of yet. what is the necessity of joining?
  8. You would need to join if QTLS was important to you. It seems that only the IFL can bestow that on you and continuing membership is then required or you lose QTLS. As you are entering your DTLLS year you are a year or so away from professional formation so you might want to hold off paying the IFL tax for a while if your employer doesn't require it. Who knows - the IFL might be a memory in a years time.
  9. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Thanks, I work in a 'true' Sixth Form' so with there being no school attached it is often hard to know what to define yourself as outside of the obvious differences of my PGCE FE (Post-Comp) qualifications versus those who have a PGCE Secondary and then an additional Sixth Form bolt on module. I taught in FE upon qualifying and got the hell out ASAP. Not because of the sector but because of the institution and the management system who had be working full-time teaching 5 A Level courses and tutoring but paid me .8 because they withheld certain parts of my contract. In Sixth Form we have our own pay scale that as near parity (minus recent pay negotiations debacle) with school teachers - including performance related pay structure (PSP) which compares in a way to TLRs. I suppose what I need to know is the IFL to a Sixth Form who offer only Key Stage 5 and GCSE courses and a handful of vocational courses? Can the IFL over-ride the Sixth Form pay scale to make non-,members pay for their subscription? If any one out there has a similar experience or any more info I would really appreciate. Thanks so much for all of your help so far TESers :)
  10. To work in a secondary school you must have QTS and be currently registered with the GTCE. The fee involved is shouldered by the employing school. I have QTS, but not registered this year as I'm teaching in FE. If/when I teach in a school I re-register with the GTCE and the school picks up the tab.
  11. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Has the GTC not disbanded?
  12. GTC is disbanding sometime late this year I believe. Summer I thought?
  13. Actually the proposed date is 21/03/12.
    Mikey G has yet to figure out how exactly to replace it.
    So much for the promised bonfire.
  14. Ah! Is that why daer old Mikey seems to forget that he should be looking at FE also??
    Never mind, I'm sure he will get back to us once he has that schoolie stuff all sorted!
  15. Hi

    I have jus been told that I will be paid through main pay scale as I have just gained my QTLS status :) However I am a bit concerned as I need to register with the GTC! I don't have a teacher reference number so how would I get around this? Have you registered with the GTC? I hope this makes sense!

    Kind regards

    Kerina Jones
  16. All well and good of you, but Bob's last post was over 9 months ago on this thread... I do hope he still reads the TES forums!! You obviously went to some serious effort there!! :)
  17. Thank you! :)

    The reason why I bothered to reply was because I noticed that there were some more recent posts on the subject, so I hoped that by answering the OP in more detail, I'd also address some of those questions too.

    Also, next time some other FE teacher posts on the same issues AGAIN, I can just say read this thread. ;-)
  18. Re the teacher reference number. My experience from last year. Everyone has a teacher reference number. It is not the same as the IfL number and if you ask, the GTC, whilst they are still here, will know what it is.
    When I went to work in a school and was paid on main scale as an FE qualified teacher I was also asked for this number. I didn't know it but I called the GTC to ask about it and they looked me up and had a number for me even though I was an FE trained teacher. The number is allocated when you take your ITT course whether it is FE or schools. School teachers find their out, FE teachers do not it seems. Its allocated by the TDA for the education dept. Also if you are in the TPS you may find that it is written on your pension papers as ref no.
  19. I remember a well-known Tes user (who is sadly no longer with us) saying something about this a few years ago but this user also stated that what you describe tended to happen more for those who qualified in the early days of the PGCE (PC) courses. E.g. 2001 and earlier. Other users have spoken to the GTC who had no idea what they were talking about.

    Presumably because the non QTS teacher numbers just sit on a data base someone on the basis that they're not eligible to join the GTC, so won't need to know the number. I agree with you that if everyone has a number, it's ridiculous that only certain people find out what it is.
  20. Just to let you all know that I got my Teacher Reference number a couple of days ago. All you have to do is e-mail the GTC saying that you want it and then the GTC will ask you to confirm certain details (full name, address, NI number, where you did your teaching course and subject-for FE teachers, just put post-compulsory/PCET/FE or whatever else your PGCE etc is called and generic for the subject section) and voila! Sorted!

    Please note that I'm aware that the Teacher Reference Number does not mean that I can get QTS or register as a fully qualified school teacher. However, it does mean that I can now put this number on any forms if needed and can provisionally register with the GTC or its successor as an Instructor if I wish to.

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