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QTLS Professional Formation. Help Needed

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheekylady, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. I am just putting together my professional formation for QTLS and I am abit confused on what to do. Do I just write statements on REFLECT can I just add evidence through paperwork ie. peer observations or both??
  2. Both - I think. That's what I've done so far, but I'm using the old style portfolio. I need to finish mine off at half-term.
  3. Yes! Both are possible.
    I'm just typing like crazy and scanning supporting docs in and doing the link thing - well I will next week [​IMG]

  4. What is the old style portfolio. I am using Reflect, is that right?
  5. Yeah Reflect is way that it has to be done. But they changed the format of the submission portfolio before Xmas. For one reason or another I'm still using the old one (it's a long story).
  6. Yes. Just keep typing and moving on to the next page!
    It's fun!! [​IMG]

  7. Can't wait to join you in the fun! Unfortunately my Uni are now saying there is a glitch (their word not mine!) in their system so they can't send me my certificate to scan....I attended graduation in October and have been trying to get my PGCE cert since then - I keep wondering if they are suddenly going to announce they've changed their mind!
  8. Hello
    Can anyone tell me this- if I am not employed , but doing voluntary work in my subject can I still complete QTLS?
    At the moment jobs are hard to come by HELP HELP
    I would be grateful if someone would mail me the answer too this question - I am beginning to panic - who wants to waste all that hard work?

    <u>For those of you not working I think that Goverment should amend its policy for those newly qualified teachers by waving QTS/QTLS (due to the recession) who have not got a cats hell in chance of getting a job!!!!!</u>
    Anyone else agree???? sign here
  9. Either WAVE QTLS /QTS or give people an extension for another year or two !!

    <u>How hard can that be</u> - we didn't ask the bloody bankers to run off with out cash did we !!! or the MPS

  10. You have five years following your date of first appointment in the sector to complete professional formation and gain QTLS - unlike schools, it is not a pre-entry requirement. If I have read your various posts correctly, you have completed the Diploma (or equivalent) but are yet to start teaching - so, you have a head start. If you are teaching in a voluntary capacity you can undertake professional formation, using thisexperience as evidence of your practice, though the type and nature of the voluntary teaching you do may limit the experience you are able to present if you are working towards QTLS, which supposes a full teaching role.
    So, you don't need QTLS to be waived, nor do you need an extension. As far as I can make out.
  11. cheeky lady - your posting: QTLS Professional Formation. Help
    Have just completed my submission.
    The new webfolio method used for producing a Professional Formation Submission was very easy to use as it provided a ten step process which can be navigated very easily, saved and then edited at any other time.
    Using reflect, as with all software, has a learning curve time and I found that Tagging, Sending to and Linking are subjects to read about first before creating a CPD Record and CPD Activities (Note theses are different assets that need to be created and need a title that makes sense to you e.g. 'CPD Record for 2010' 'CPD Activitiy Jan 2010' or similar).
    I've since been told that there is a CD around somewhere with help files, sorry but do not know how to obtain one - you will have to contact IfL.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Thank you to you all for your help. I have sent my application to the IFL! Fingers crossed
  13. HELP!
    I cant work the Reflect thing at all and when I ask for help they just cut and paste what is on the web site. None of the links seem to work and I cant link any assetts that i spent hours uploading on to it to anything. I just keep getting told that it SHOULD work when it doenst. Any one out there actually able to talk me through it?
  14. hillyrob

    hillyrob New commenter

    I was wondering if you could help me with my Professional Formation. I qualified in 2008 from Bolton University with a PGDE in the Lifelong Learning Sector. I worked at a training centre in June 2008 teaching adults basic skills. After 8 months I left the training centre and the UK and I have been working in Primary schools in South Korea and Thailand for the past 4 years. I do not have a subject specialism. I was wondering if I could talk about my experience of teaching ESOL overseas. Also I am finding it difficult to refer back to my ITT training as we are asked to use the knowledge gained during my teacher training to complete the Teaching and Learning section. I am aware that my time is running out and really need some advice please.
    Thanks Hilary
  15. Hello, Is it possible to complete your professionl formation on the basis of teaching done during your PGCE. I am currently not in a direct teaching role but continue to work in a school environment as a cover supervisor.
  16. It should not be as it is supposed to be 'proof' of continued professional development post certification.

    But I do know a few people who have had it allowed. Just another problem with the whole process.

    But don't panic, as you have a few years. or maybe forever, as the clock does not start until you have a teaching post in sector!
  17. nancynelson62

    nancynelson62 New commenter

    I graduated with a ProfGCE, completed my reflect thing on line at my teaching job in 2009/2010. I left my job & moved house 3 times. I have lost my hard copy of my CPD file and when i log into reflect it can't find me, but I want to return to teaching; how can i prove to employers that i have QTLS?

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